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Poonam Pandey does it again


While Team India performs abysmally on their England tour, sensational model Poonam Pandey is trying her best to motivate the Indian cricketers in her own special way.

The 19-year model, who stole limelight during the cricket world cup by her public comments to go nude if India won the cup, has done it again – promises that is!

Through micro-blogging site, Twitter, Poonam has posted two semi-nude pictures as “motivational surprise”


She tweeted: “Every time Team India takes the field, my heart beats faster. Come on India, Let d World kno we r No.1 ” Motivational Surprise” on its Way!”

Just a day before posting her picture in black bikini, Pandey published a teaser tweet: “Statutory WARNING: Tomorw (sic) all Tweeps shud keep their fridge stocked with ice… as its going to get hotter n hotter. Keep watching.”

Describing her latest attempt to shed clothes for Team India as “bhakti” (devotion), Pandey says: “Cricket is a religion in India Wht (sic) say Tweeps?, and there is no limit for Bhakti. will keep inspiring my team with my bhakti.”

Pandey came to limelight during the recent world cup when she announced her intention to shed all clothes for the boys in the dressing room if India won the world cup. That was a promise she did not keep.

However, things were different this time. Her latest teaser tweets were followed a day later with links to two images with the young model in black lingerie.

She wrote: ”The world will see that I lived up to my inspiration. Now, I am sure my team will beat England. Our time has come.”

No wonder she was inundated with requests for more. Pandey seemed only glad to oblige: “Thanx a Lot Tweeps for such a Overwhelming Response!!! Hence forth i PROMISE Every Match the Boys win will Keep Posting PIX for Every Win ..n It WIll get Hotter n Hotter Every time..”

For what clearly looks like a publicity stunt, Poonam Pandey has appealed her 27,000 followers to retweet her images: “But for the Day will Post One More Pic for u all .. but for that u Shud #Retweet my Previous tweet the More u do .. the Sooner i do!”

In the meantime, the Indian cricket team continued their lacklustre performance in England, and Poonam Pandey showed her sense of humour: “If they Win a Surprise for the Night!!! & if nt Will Post a Pic in BOORKHA.”

Indian team’s loss was quickly followed by Poonam Pandey’s picture in burqa.

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