iPhone apps and Android important for digital marketing – survey

Three in four marketers (77 percent) think iPhone apps will be an important digital technology for marketing in 2011 and 2012; 52 percent also cite Android apps. These are the findings of survey of 650 marketers conducted by AnswerLab. The survey results have provided the foundation for The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) third annual Digital Marketing Outlook (DMO).

“The survey provides a great lens into the strategic priorities across the digital landscape,” says Jeff Jarrett, DMO advisory board member and global director for digital marketing at Kimberly-Clark.

Some of the other findings include:

  • Nearly half (51 percent) plan to invest resources in mobile
  • More than a third marketers (69 percent) plan to invest their resources in social networks and applications
  • 58 percent see brand and product awareness as the most important metrics for measuring performance – more than time on site, click-throughs, and page views

“The survey reveals compelling insights on budgets, hiring strategies and what marketers value the most,” said Amy Buckner, co-founder and managing partner of AnswerLab.

Download the final report


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