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Now, Halloween vamp is just an app away

best apps for halloween

Young vampire fans can now use a creepy app with 3D animation, stunning sound effects, and word-by-word narration in English, Portuguese and Spanish, for a great Halloween party.

Based on the award-winning animated short “Night of the Vampire” from Buba Films, the newest addition to the iTunes store: “Welcome to the Vampire’s Lair…If You Dare” from digital publisher LivoBooks is definitely worth checking.

best apps for halloween

Listed as number one on the “top five kid’s apps you don’t want to miss” by Mashable, and given an Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design by Children’s Technology Review, the app is suitable for kids age 8-11 who love all things spooky and silly.

Included in the app is the full “Night of the Vampire” animated short. Enhancing the story are activities such as playing a tune with skeletons who jump out of caskets, feeding a man-eating plant, capturing scorpions before the clock runs out, make a heart beat in a jar in the Terror Laboratory and creating eerie photographs out of the user’s own image.

The app is available for download in the iTunes store for $2.99.

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Must have iOS Apps for Indians

With the growing popularity of iPads among Indians, there’s plethora of iPad Apps that are specifically designed for Indians. The Global Indian magazine prepares a list of best iPad Apps for Indians, many of which are free.

Note, we will avoid the most popular iPhone apps like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Instagram and YouTube in this review.

What’s App

This is the most popular iPhone App for Indians, and provides a good alternative to Blackberry’s BBM service. Blackberry users dont have to be limited to other Blackberry users for instant messaging. With What’s App, users of Android, iPhone, Symbian and even Blackberry can message each other and save on texting costs. If most of your friends use smart-phones, then get them to use Whats App and save on SMS costs.


Storing and sharing files with mobile has never been easier thanks to DropBox’s cross platform functionality. You can access your files from multiple PCs and devices. DropBox is easy to set up, and the basic version is free. Now, your file will have one version across all devices.

Mostly popular among younger mobile users, this App lets users announce their location via their status updates. It helps them to find any friends that may be hanging out in the same place, or simply use the App to show off how happening their life is.
With this App you can easily check-in into a pub, or a movie hall. Friends can then provide menu recommendations or things to do, or simply offer to meet up. If you live in solitude, and most of your friends are only online people, then this is not an app you will need.

Desi Radio

Listen to Bollywood songs, Tamil songs and songs in many Indian regional languages on the go. The iPad App provides many Indian radio stations which are updated regularly, and offers YouTube search for songs. Compatible with iPad and iPhone. Some of the prominent regional Indians languages are: Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and Kannada. The App even offers radio channels in English. It’s a free iPad App. Dowload the iPad App.

Gigaplex HD

Bollywood is the largest producer of movies in the world, and Indians love their movies. Gigaplex HD iPad App lets you enjoy thousands of Indian movies, many of them for free.

The free iPad App lets you browse and watch Bollywood and other regional Indian movies instantly. With wireless access, you can browse through hundreds of international films and experience smooth streaming from Gigaplex, with no buffering.

Gigaplex is adding award-winning Indian films and soon more titles from Nollywood, some of which are available for the first time ever on iPad. Just bring the popcorn. Download the iPad App.

Vegetarian restaurants

India has a large population which is vegetarian, and finding a vegetarian restaurant, especially in a western country can be quite challenging. t is no surprise that this iPad App offers to find a vegetarian restaurant for Indians in India. However, don’t use this free iPad App to find a vegetarian restaurant anywhere else it the world. The App doesn’t have sufficient data for vegetarian restaurants in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. Download the iPad App.


If eating out is not your thing, then don’t be disheartened. This iPad App is your companion in the kitchen. Let it guide you about many spices, herbs and seasonings that is part of Indian cooking.

The $2.99 App offers recipes, videos and guidance about where to purchase the ingredients from. The author of this iPad application, Monica Bhide, is a syndicated food columnist for Scripps, a contributing editor to AARP-The magazine, author of three cookbooks. Download the iPad App.

Indian home remedies HD

This simple guide has more than 150 remedies that for common ailments, all based on ingredients commonly available in any Indian kitchen. The $1.99 iPad App shows you how to use fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices to cure common sicknesses. Because the remedies are based on natural ingredients, there are no side-effects and the natural cure is inexpensive. The App does not provide any treatment solutions for more advanced health issues like arthritis. Download this iPad App.


Most Indians living overseas like to stay in touch with the latest news from India, and NDTV offers the best and high quality news coverage from India, 24 hours a day. The iPad App is free to download and brings stories and videos live from the NDTV studios in India. Award-winning journalists and technology combine to report on politics, business, cricket and Bollywood. Download this free iPad App.