PETA asks Poonam Pandey to strip for animals

While aspiring Indian model Poonam Pandey reiterated her promise to remove clothes if India wins the ICC Cricket World Cup in Mumbai on Saturday, an NGO has appealed to the 19-year old to strip for animals.

In an open letter to the Kingfisher model, PETA India’s chief functionary, Poorva Joshipura, wrote to Pandey: “I wonder if you would consider using your skin to save animals’ skin and make cricket fun for everyone, animals included, by starring in the buff in an ad for PETA to urge the International Cricket Council to switch to synthetic balls?”

PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals is an international charity working to improve conditions for animals.

Joshipura wrote to Pandey: “We at PETA are cricket fans too and, like you, believe that cricket should be fun, but there is nothing fun for the animals who are skinned to make cricket balls.”

“Won’t you consider stripping for a good cause and help us call on the International Cricket Council to show that cricket is truly a gentleman’s sport by choosing synthetic balls over leather ones?

“Your involvement would both turn heads and win hearts to the cause of animal protection.”

Earlier, the cricket fever for the India-Pakistan ICC World Cup semi-final at Mohali had got hotter, with the aspiring actress revealing her intention to reveal all if India won the final encounter.

Poonam Pandey says she will shed her clothes in the view of thousands if India wins the Mohali semifinal against Pakistan, and also wins the world cup.

She says she will also consider a players’ dressing room peep show if the Indian cricket board allows it, according to media reports.

The Indian cricket team is already feeling the pressure to win the most-watched cricket tournament in India. India has won the Cricket World Cup only once, in 1983.

Poonam’s intention to strip for the national cricket team is similar to Argentinian Luciane Salazar and Paraguay’s Larissa Riquelme who had promised to FIFA World Cup.

Model Poonam Pandey says she will remove her clothes if India wins the ICC Cricket World Cup


The aspiring Bollywood actress refutes allegations that this is her way to get free publicity.

Poonam says, “I’m a cricket fanatic and I’m a die-hard supporter of my nation. India needs a lot of support and this is my way of supporting the team.”

Wonder how this will help the team. “Absolutely not,” she tells media. “I’m confident of my body and I’m doing this to excite our boys to play better.”

The self-proclaimed die-hard cricket fan has even started a Facebook page to support the men in blue, many of who are not married yet.

The 19-year old Kingfisher model from Mumbai is one of the most downloaded pictures on the internet.



5 responses to “PETA asks Poonam Pandey to strip for animals”

  1. India lover Avatar
    India lover

    This is her maximum IQ level! … quite a shame for THE GLOBAL INDIAN to publish such a stupid article.

    INDIA is bubbling with news (good and bad) and if you guys are into any kind of responsible journalism: You better rethink in your editor’s room BEFORE deciding on articles to publish!…lest what’s the difference between your mag and those seeking for sensational news!

    1. Editor Avatar

      Dear Anjan, thank you for your feedback which is highly appreciated. Our editorial policy promotes quality journalism. At the same time, we have a responsibility to bring news to our readers. We try to keep the reporting as diverse as possible. We will certainly keep your feedback in mind for future editorial direction. Thank you once again for supporting the magazine. – Editor

  2. M. K. Avatar
    M. K.

    That’s soo sad. Just cuz one is confident in their body, doesn’t have to show all of it “to excite our boys to play better.” Show some modesty woman! You are disgracing yourself and losing respect for yourself and all the women in India. Even just you are representing all of the women in India. With this lil promise of yours…you’re not doing such a great job. I’m a desi girl that was born and raised and who lives in America…and I’m ashamed for you and feel sad that you have to do this just to show how supportive you are of your country. Find some other way.

  3. Rajesh singh Avatar
    Rajesh singh

    Dear poonam every girl should be bold like you keep it up

  4. R G HATWAR Avatar

    If Poonam is doing all these things for welfare of animals then it is welcome step
    keep it up
    please the people across the globe

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