Founded in 2004, The Global Indian magazine is New Zealand’s first “online only” magazine for Indians abroad.

The Global Indian reaches Indians in two ways:

  1. Regular articles published on The Global Indian website

  2. Weekly newsletter emailed to subscribers

The Global Indian offers a range of advertising solutions to suit the specific needs of our advertisers.

No business is too small to advertise on The Global Indian website.

Our prices start from US$5 a day.No minimum budget required. Business of any size can advertise here.

To find out more, email us at editor(at)theglobalindian(dot)co(dot)nz.


As a digital publication, we offer “immediate and all-pervasive” reach to advertisers. Our readers have no barrier of geography or time – we are accessible 24-7, anywhere in the world. All they need is a computer and an internet connection. Updated a few times a week, we file articles from around the world.


Advertising options available:

  1. Paid editorial, or expert article, with links to your website

  2. Banner advertisement starting US$5 a day

  3. Advertise in our weekly newsletter

  4. Sponsored review of your business, apps, restaurant, hotel, education institute or immigration advisory. As long as your business is ethical, we’ll review it.

The Global Indian follows India’s success story worldwide. At no time Indians played such a vital role in global business, politics and entertainment as they do today. They are one of the largest groups of spenders in most of the countries they live.

Since 2004, advertisers have trusted The Global Indian to take their message to millions of Indians living around the world, including in India.


India has the second largest Diaspora (overseas residents) in the world, second only to China, according to an UNDP estimate. More than 30 million Indians – known as non-resident Indians (NRIs) or people of Indian origin (PIOs), live around the world.

Indian migrate to study as well as to work abroad. The number of Indian students abroad tripled from 51,000 in 1999 to over 153,000 in 2007, as per UNESCO Institute for Statistics estimates, making India second-largest buyer of overseas education, after China.

Many Indian students chose to stay back and work, thus forming part of highly skilled workforce in their host countries, and often becoming top-earners and spenders in their adopted countries. The Global Indian is widely read by affluent and professional Indians living away from India, and is a key influencer among NRIs worldwide.


NRIs rely on The Global Indian to receive critical analysis and information about matters that affects Indians in India and around the world. Owned and edited by NRIs, no other publication understands and reports on NRI issues as The Global Indian does. We have a team of experts on NRI topics. We are constantly innovating and exploring newer forms of reaching our audience.


The Global Indian is an ethical publisher and we reserve the right to reject any advertisement or content that

  1. Is hateful, obscene, profane, libelous, defamatory or slanderous
  2. Contains adult content, dating services or sexual references
  3. Promotes gambling or any illegal activities
  4. Mislead the users, such as with fake error messages, fake “close” buttons or misleading or inaccurate copy
  5. Resembles the visual style of the content area in which they are displayed.

Don’t waste time if you are thinking of taking your business or brand to the growing size of affluent, educated and high-spending Indians spread throughout the world.

To get our sales representative to contact you and serve your advertising needs, please email us at editor(at)


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