Amazon to remove Lord Ganesha yoga products has reportedly agreed to remove yoga pants with Hindu god Ganesha’s imprints on them, following an alleged complaint.

In a release issued by Rajan Zed, who claims to be the president of Universal Society of Hinduism,  reportedly spearheaded the protest. Rajan suggested corporations to send their senior executives for training in religious and cultural sensitivity so that they had an understanding of the feelings of customers and communities when introducing new products or launching advertising campaigns.

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The pants in question are Ganesha yoga pants for women with an imprint of Ganesha in various parts of the trousers. They are selling on for $62 to $82.

Rajan believes such trivialization of Lord Ganesha was disturbing to the Hindus world over. Hindus were for free artistic expression and speech as much as anybody else if not more. But faith was something sacred and attempts at trivializing it hurt the followers, Rajan said.

While writing this article, some of these yoga pants with Ganesha imprints were still available for purchase on


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