Ayesha Takia angry with Kingfisher

Ayesha Takia has alleged that a Kingfisher Airline staff mistreated her sister and even tore her boarding pass.

The Bollywood actor says that her sister, Natasha Takia, was mistreated by the Vijay Mallya-owned airline at Delhi airport

“The worst airline, Kingfisher!” Ayesha tweeted. “Shockingly bad airport staff behaviour at Delhi airport with my sister.”

“Natasha was booked in KF from Kathmandu to Mumbai. KF cancelled their flight and gave a booking in AI. Not her fault AI was delayed.

“This disgustingly behaved Kingfisher staff called Vinay podwal just tore my sister’s boarding pass and misbehaved with her!

Takia tweeted that her sister is unwell and tired “and hurt from being mistreated and threatened. I’m shocked!”

“Vinay podwal just threatened and yelled at my sister saying he can throw anyone out and tore her boarding pass!”

“Is this how a girl alone at an airport gets treated by the staff of the airline she is flying?

“She is unwell and has a horrible backache,can’t believe this happend to her”

“My heart is beating so fast with anger that a girl at an airport gets treated this way by airport staff!”

Appealing to her Twitter followers, Takia says: “How dare this Vinay Podwal misbehave with a passenger and tare (sic) her boarding pass; it cud b any one of you. Think about it!”

The actor was further perturbed by a personal comment made reportedly by the airline owner’s son, Sidhartha Mallya, on Twitter. The comment was not found the Junior Mallya’s Twitter account later.

Says Takia “Everybody has the right to freedom of speech and remember the customer is always right.”

“I just can’t imagine the kind of attitude he (Junior Mallya) is showing. At least he should check what happened and then comment. Disgusting!”

“My sister is a normal Indian girl travelling economy. So of course you won’t give a shit!”

Takia was flooded with support on Twitter, with one user describing the airline as ‘king of bad times’ while another suggesting that the Takia sisters must “submit a complain to the officials; it is an serious offence by kingfisher airline.”

Takia says that they are going to take serious action against this and go to court with it. “Let the law handle it, so that this doesn’t happen to any girl again!”

In the meantime, Kingfisher Airline, through its Twitter account, have put the blame on Air India.

“We understand that your flight on another airline into Delhi landed late due to which you missed your @flykingfisher connection flight to Mumbai.

“Our staff offered a wait-listed option on our next available flight. As soon as we received a confirmation from the other airline that their flight arrived late, our next flight was full, so as per rule only a wait listed ticket could be offered.”


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