Best New Apps For Your IPhone, Android

With Google and Apple working hard to introduce the latest advancements to their operating systems, freelance app developers have been working equally hard to produce the most useful apps for like-minded customers.

This guide lists five of the top apps for both iPhone and Android phones for the UK, dissecting the best picks for both of these operating systems, and leaving their respective app stores at your mercy.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is arguably the best internet radio app for Android or iPhone available today. The user-friendly interface opens the gates to over 70,000 radio stations and two million podcasts delivered right to your phone wherever you are, and all for free! Whether you’re into blue grass or metal, Romanian news channels or sports commentary, you’ll find it all within TuneIn Radio’s exhaustive listings. Treat your ears and tickle your fancy with stations from all over the world operating around the clock, all streamed through this powerful app.


UGO Cab Finder offers a taxi booking app for both the iPhone and Android, to get you home as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

The intuitive and user-friendly app is just the tip of the iceberg, though, since the service you will receive as a result of the app is second to none. Simply type in the point of departure, the destination, and the date and time you need your cab and let the powerful UGO engine do the work in finding you a local taxi service at a price that suits you.

It’s nationwide across the UK so you’ll never be stuck again without the number of a taxi after you install the UGO app, no matter where you are!


Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is a cleverly designed app perfect for those who don’t have much time on their hands between tasks, or who have patchy mobile reception and need to make the most of every scrap of signal they get.

This free app allows users to ‘pocket’ web pages and videos of interest for later use, and even gives the user the ability to sync these precious snippets with other devices to make it even easier to keep up-to-date with reading tasks.


The now ubiquitous Snapchat app brands itself as ‘real-time picture chatting’, and boasts that it is up to ten times faster for sharing pictures than standard MMS services.

Snapchat is built on spontaneity, conferring upon its users ability to capture glimpses of their special moments and share these with friends and family. While some users attempt to use the app for strange pass times, the majority use this powerful and free app to capture the transient beauty of a sunset, or the burst of excitement felt upon seeing a particular sight.


If you’ve been looking for an intuitive way to compare the millions of flights offered by thousands of airlines worldwide, and to shop for the lowest prices supplied by these airlines, as well as the best deals offered by travel agents, Skyscanner is the best way to go.

Just select your ideal holiday location and dates of travel, pick a few quick options, and let Skyscanner’s clean and hassle-free interface do the rest. You’ll never go back to price comparison sites or manual data mining after experiencing the power of this free app.

The guide above should provide you with the information your require to make an informed decision about the best apps for your particular device, and leave you enlightened as to which apps are the hottest on the market today.

Gary Smith is a tech blogger who loves to follow the latest developments in the world of apps, games and all things techy.

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