India gets ready for super-expensive custom cars

A young entrepreneur from India’s capital city of New Delhi is dreaming big. How big? In a car market where a mid-range BMW costs Rs 5000,000 (US$90,000), and a Jaguar Rs 30 million (US$540,000), he is planning to make a car that’s going to cost Rs 150 million (US$2.7 million)

Hradyesh, who likes to be known only by his first name, is completing work on a 600 BHP hand crafted hot rod for a client, with a price tag of Rs 15 crore. Hot rods are American cars with large engines modified for speed.


However, the 30-year old car-groomer plans to make this into an exquisite club of expensive cars that are personalised to their owners.

To promote his business, Hradyesh will travel across India in ‘Morris Street’, India’s first street rod, built by him. The show aims to give car enthusiasts a glimpse of the world of street rods and custom cars, Hradyesh tells The Global Indian magazine.

The creator has travelled about 2000km in Morris Street from New Delhi to Jaipur and further cruised to Amritsar, and other north-western states.

“When people saw the symbol of style majestically gliding through the country, many dreams were born.”

The road show is now travelling to the central and western states of India.

While Hradyesh is offering handmade, highly-personalised cars to car lovers, he is probably following a Harley Davidson Exclusive club model, by providing other services to his clients.

“The owners can expect to be a part of events organized especially for them.”

“They can look forward to experiencing the sensuous Rod Resorts in India and even revel in the adrenalin rush of participating in India’s first ever Hot Rod Drag Racing Events.”

Completing first year in business, Hradyesh has seen some really interesting passions people share about cars.

“I have received requests for wacky looking cars, super luxury cars and even cars with performance specs that have never been seen before. It is my job to turn people’s dreams into real masterpieces and this is just the beginning.”


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