Buyi Phone 5 in Delhi Mumbai

iPhone 5 price in India starts at Rs45,000

It’s not very often that you will get to see Indian men turning their back on a hot Bollywood actress.

I guess iPhone does that to men. To buy iPhone 5 in India, the men had to overlook the temptation of a Bollywood actress in red dress standing just a few feet away. The iPhone 5’s price in India was not a deterrent, either.

When Apple chose Delhi’s premium DLF Place (near Select City mall) to launch the latest version of its flagship product, iPhone 5, in India, the venue fitted the upper class target audience well.

Buyi Phone 5 in Delhi Mumbai

Looking at the craze in the crowd, you really wondered whether Apple really needed to rope in popular Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia to launch the hot phone.

At the launch venue in the middle of the atrium, men fought with each other to hand over their cash to Apple executives in the eight booths selling three versions of iPhone – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Hundreds of iPhone fans, mostly men, literally jostled in the queue to get their hand on the “thinnest, lightest iPhone ever”.

Wondering what’s the iPhone 5’s price in India? Be prepared to squander away anywhere from Rs45,000 (US$835) to Rs60,000 (US$1100) on your passion.

“I am a die-hard iPhone fan,” said the actress as she launched the new gadget which has already been prebooked in India to the extent of 150,000 units, according to a media report.

The gadget goes on retail sale from Sunday and will be available for the first time without being tied up with any mobile service provider.

Within minutes of going on sale at the launch, the sales counters were putting up “sold out” signs.

Airtel and Aircel are offering special plans for iPhone users.

In the fastest global rollout in iPhone’s history, Apple will release the new iPhone in 100 countries by Christmas this year.

How is iPhone 5 different from iPhone 4s

Thinner, lighter, longer

Larger 4-inch retina display

Faster A6 chip

8MP iSight camera

Faster WiFi



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