Cheaper calling rates for New Zealand travellers

Many Indians travel overseas for holidays and business, and realise that international calling is their third-largest expense, after the cost of flights and accommodation. This is where cheaper international calling options can save money.

TravelSIM, a prepaid mobile phone service for international travellers, is offering lower roaming charges for travellers, who have long paid through the nose when using their mobile phones overseas.

TravelSIM has special rates for New Zealanders – at about a quarter of the price of current rates, especially for international roaming. TravelSIM, which has been operating out of Australia for four years and in Europe since 1998, has coverage in 190 countries around the world and more than 1.5 million customers.

“Now when you return from holiday or business travel, you will no longer have the shock of reading your four-digit mobile phone bill you’ve racked up because you’ve lost control of costs on postpaid plans,’ says James Currah, chief executive of TravelSIM New Zealand.

“It’ll easily save Kiwis travelling overseas hundreds of dollars in roaming charges; some travellers will save thousands of dollars.”

TravelSIM is prepaid, so consumers have total control of the charges they’re incurring and they aren’t locked into an onerous plan or contract. Users can top up TravelSIM through their handset menu or online; it always shows the balance remaining.

A TravelSIM customer receives a new number which they keep for all the countries they’ll travel in. The SIM card is placed in the existing mobile phone handset while travelling overseas.

Currah says their customers around the world save, on average, 75 percent on the cost of international roaming. TravelSIM is free to receive calls in more than 70 countries. Travellers to Europe experience the biggest savings as most countries are free to receive calls there.

TravelSIM has also reduced the cost of roaming in popular tourist destinations of Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore, and has secured rates up to 85 per cent lower for roaming in the US.

TravelSIM texts start at 40 New Zealand cents, about half the rate of other providers. The company also offers free and unlimited texts to any TravelSIM, anywhere in the world, from its website. This is a great way for friends and family to keep in touch, and convenient with time zone differences in avoiding middle of the night phone calls.

Currah adds that devices like the new iPhone, Blackberry and iPad have paved the way for consumers to rack up huge charges when checking emails, and taking/sending photos and video from offshore. TravelSIM offers data rates for roaming in Europe at half the price of its competitors and will extend these to other parts of the world later in 2011.

TravelSIM offers the following cost comparison (NZ dollar)









Editor’s note: This article is for information only. The Global Indian magazine is not affiliated to TravelSIM.


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