Creating an Indian menu in an hour

Indian meals are very elaborate and can be a bit daunting for many people. Preparing Indian meal can be even more overwhelming not just for western fans of the cuisine but also for a hurried Indian chef.

To begin with, let’s remember the main difference between western and Indian meal. Western meal is served in courses – drinks, appetizers, main course and dessert. However Indian meal is served in one plate (known as thali) all at once.

Various food groups are served together. When dining out, it is quite an accepted practice to order many dishes and share them with co-diners at the table.

Indian meal is mostly very spicy. While preparing an Indian meal for guests at home, care should be taken to tone down the flavour a wee bit.

However, the chef should to cater to a diverse taste, and serve a balance of of taste. Indian food is served either with basmati rice or Indian bread (naan).

For those in a hurry, here’s a quick tip to put together a winning menue. Make sure you include some startch-based food like naan or rice. Add one of the favorite curries to the menu such as chicken, fish or lentils. Follow this with chutney, pickle or paapad. Follow this with a sweet dish like gulab jamun (served hot), or ras gulla (served chilled).


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