Good guys celebrate diwali

Diwali is a celebration of victory of good over the evil. Is there a better way to celebrate it than with the cops?

The good guys of Auckland’s Manukau formally celebrated Diwali for the first time this year.

About 120 staff attended a special lunch to celebrate the five-day festival, which is observed by almost a billion people every year.

Diwali celebrations in New Zealand
Counties Manukau staff celebrate Diwali with Indian dancer Ratna Venkat (centre). Photo: Anthony Edmonds, Counties Manukau Acting Communications Manager (courtesy: Police Ten One newsletter)

The festival of lights was celebrated by the Counties Manukau Police staff during an event organised under the guidance of its South Asian Liaison Officer, Constable Gurpreet Arora. It included cultural performances and traditional Indian cuisine.

“Manukau is very culturally diverse and this is likely to increase in the future,” Gurpreet told the police Ten One newsletter. “We believed a Diwali celebration would show people Counties Manukau Police understands the many cultures of its neighbourhood.”

District Commander Bruce Bird says the event was so popular it’s likely to become an annual celebration.


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