Hongkong Festival

Hong Kong cinema comes to New Zealand

New Zealanders have an opportunity to take a sneak peak into Hong Kong culture, art and trade.

The third Hong Kong Festival opens on 4 August in Auckland, and provides a journey of past, present and future of Hong Kong through a string of events including: a photo exhibition, movies festival, a trade and career seminar, and a business networking banquet.

Highlight of the festival will be Cinema Hong Kong’s showcase of 13 titles which includes two movies from the Shaw Brother’s era in the 1960s, and four short movies from the Hong Kong Baptist University.

Hongkong Festival
Hong Kong Festival

The classic titles will show us what the Hong Kong entertainment industry used to be, says festival Director Raymond Suen. “And how it evolved to becoming what it is like now.

“The classic titles covered musical and action genre, some of the most popular characteristic that makes Hong Kong movies world famous.

“Hong Kong was well known as the movie hub of South East Asia, and that was why movies at that time were made in Mandarin Chinese instead of the local Cantonese dialect.

“As the movie industry evolves, they did not just rely on their infamous martial arts movies, but also picked up a variety of genre catering to different audience, expanding further around the world.”

But the festival has more to offer than movies. It also presents a modern side of the city through two trade seminars addressing industry specific topic and career opportunities.

“This year we will connect New Zealand’s bio-technology and green energy forefront with Invest Hong Kong at the Connect Hong Kong seminar.

“Bio-technology is one of the seven key areas the Hong Kong government is set to develop, which (is) in lines with the New Zealand and Hong Kong Free Trade Agreement.

“Professionals from both countries will discuss biotech, clean energy and environmental technology focusing on capital raising opportunities and potential for joint ventures,” says Raymond.

“We will also focus on the free trade agreements between New Zealand, Hong Kong and China, the economic landscape and potential for New Zealand businesses in Hong Kong.”

For the professionals looking at exploring career opportunities in Hong Kong, Career Hong Kong will enlighten Aucklanders the working life in Hong Kong and career prospects.

“People often only know Hong Kong as a financial and commerce hub of Asia, and is a great place to trade, but there are many more other industries and opportunities in Hong Kong than we already know. The seminars will address just that.

The Festival will conclude with a banquet dinner celebrating the relationship of New Zealand and Hong Kong culture and businesses. Felix Lee, the President of the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association, said that the banquet will focus on Hong Kong closer to New Zealand more than ever.

“In 2010 the Closer Economic Partnership between Hong Kong and New Zealand was signed, but it was not until 2011 that it comes into effect. We would like New Zealand to fully utilise the trade agreement and allow businesses to take this opportunity to share valuable insight.

“This year, in recognising the NZ$1 million donated by the Hong Kong Government towards New Zealand’s Canterbury Earthquake appeal, we are going to auction three photos of Hong Kong from the 1980s to current times, keeping to the theme of classic to contemporary Hong Kong. Other auction items include Scottie Dog from Agatha, return ticket to Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific, wine and many more.

“We hope that the funds raised will bring a bit of warmth to the Canterbury community in the midst of New Zealand winter.”

The Festival officially opens on 4 August at the Auckland Art Gallery, with the Brian Blake Photo Exhibition as the backdrop.

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