how to save marriage

How to save a marriage

It used to be that marriage was considered a cherished institution by the majority of people. But something has happened in recent years, and the idea of marriage isn’t held in the same high regard by nearly as many people. That would certainly be one explanation for the higher divorce rate. Is saving marriage even worth it in the modern world, and if so, what are some ways to make it happen?

Saving Marriage – A Cherished Institution Of The Past

Let’s be blunt about the state of marriage as it used to exist. While it was a lifelong commitment and it was incredibly difficult to get a divorce, this wasn’t always a good thing. For example, a wife that was being abused rarely had no other choice than to bear it. That clearly isn’t a good thing and is one of the reasons divorce laws have been loosened over time.

how to save marriage

We can see that marriage isn’t always a good thing, and even the purists out there will freely admit there are some cases where a marriage can and should be dissolved (even the Bible says adultery can be grounds for divorce). On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to let people marry and divorce as though they are going through a revolving door. So, on to saving marriage.

If you are married, then your marriage is probably the most important one to you; and rightfully so. You may think of saving marriage in more personal terms, especially if you are in a rocky relationship and have a hard time getting along. You want to know what you can do to save your marriage, and may not be all that concerned about it as a whole.


Saving marriage can only be achieved by keeping couples together (again, except in extreme cases). The couple who is facing tough times doesn’t need to worry about the whole institution. They should do what they can to fix their marriage, because every marriage counts. In fact, if you are happily married and there is anything you can do to help a couple going through a rough spot, then by all means do so.

The more difficult part of saving marriage is to shift the collective attitude to one of respect for being married. How? There are no easy answers, but we have to start somewhere. A very simple first step is to treat marriage with deep respect. No more dirty jokes about cheating spouses, no more talk of the “old man” or “old lady”, no more making light of it. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good sense of humor; not at all. After all, being able to laugh is a great way to get along with others, including your spouse.

Saving marriage may seem quaint to a lot of people today, but it has a lot of benefits. For example, studies have shown that married people tend to live longer. Also, divorce not only hurts emotionally, it hurts financially, too. But, if more of us can be committed to making marriage work, then it will be better for everybody.


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