Sachin Tendulkar, best indian batsman

42M Indians watched ICC World Cup so far

First 4 non-India matches get high TV rankings

Indians are enjoying the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in a big way.

While Indians glued to their television set during India’s first ICC World Cup match, with a television rating of 10.3 TVR, they also watched non-India matches in high numbers, according to data released by rating agency TAM.

Overall, the first five matches have been watched by 53 percent of the audience in top six metros, which translates to around 38 million cricket fans stopped everything else to watch live cricket matches.

Taking the warm-up matches and the opening ceremony into account, the tournament has already been watched by a whopping 42 million fans in top six metros.

The average rating of the first four non-India matches was very impressive 2.23 TVR in the top six metros.

Netherlands – England encounter gets a peak rating of 8.87 TVR

Tournament is averaging 4.2 TVR in top 6 metros till the 5th match

The match between Netherlands and England rated 2.8 TVR with a peak rating of 8.87 TVR. Three of the first 4 non-India matches have rated more than 2 TVR in the top six metros. This is five times the rating achieved by top non-India series in recent times.

Sachin Tendulkar, best indian batsman“After the blockbuster opening match, the non-India matches too are setting new trends in viewership and I am absolutely delighted with the response the ICC Cricket World Cup has received,” says Sanjay Kailash, an executive vice president for ESPN Software India Pvt. Ltd.

“Befitting its stature, the tournament is generating its own euphoria and buzz, the likes of which I have not seen in a very long time.

“With many of the highly anticipated matches still to come, we are confident that ratings will continue to remain very strong and grow even further in the days to come.”

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