Modelling bug bites Shikhar Dhawan

While most Indian cricket fans remember Shikhar Dhawan for his 248-run knock in Pretoria as he  guided India A to a 39-run victory over South Africa A earlier this year, there’s another reason the 27-year old batsman is going to give his fans to remember.

With his unkempt, devil-may-care-attitude, Shikhar takes a fresh guard on a pitch very few can perfect: shooting for India’s Men’s Health magazine’s cover in October.  And guess what he’s holding forth on? On how to get your formal suit look right. Howzzaat!

Shikhar got out for a duck on his debut match, but didn’t show a hint of remorse for playing the rash shot that cost him his wicket; still he’s got the entire country in a twirl with his trademark handlebar moustache, pierced ear, tattoos fighting for real estate on his bulging biceps, and a tiny ponytail.

Much like his other teammates who’ve made it big in the modeling world, Dhawan’s taken to it like a fish takes to water, and even allows his fans a peek into the mind of one of world cricket’s most fierce, and feared, new players.

“I’m always hungry for runs…I’m always looking out for-and becoming-number one in my game,” he says in a candid interview to the magazine. When asked about the false starts to his career, he didn’t mince words and blamed it all on his inexperience.

“I always knew that I am talented, much more than many others. I just knew that I had to wait for my time. It is all destiny.”

Dhawan also bares his heart on the struggles in his career, and how he worked hard to bat for the long innings in life. “Cricket is a lot like life: deal with the lows, keep your mind steady when you are at your peak.

“I just kept telling myself one thing all through those days of struggle: that I will never fail myself in this race. I knew I was in it for the long innings…just that I had to wait for my day. Never lose sight of the bigger picture. Patience pays, and how!”


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