Ayush bhatnagar

Appeal to support rising sporting hero

Ayush is a shy 17-year old; but he is not shy of dreaming big.

He’s won a number of national and international competitions in the last two years, which has given him enough confidence to aim for the sky – to represent New Zealand at the 2016 Paralympics in Brazil.

Ayush was diagnosed with cogenital myopathy – a muscular condition that makes an infant weak and floppy.

Ayush bhatnagar

However, Ayush started playing physical games despite his weakness, probably to prove a point.

“Since the time he was diagnosed I started looking deeply into the things in which my son would be happy doing,” says Vimmi Bhatnagar, Ayush’s doting mother.

“Table Tennis was one which he picked up in intermediate; then came his swimming, athletics, cricket and so on.”

He represented New Zealand at the 2011 Oceania Paralympic Championships in Darwin, winning silver in both the singles and doubles competition. He then competed at the 2011 PNZ National Championships, winning gold in the doubles and silver in the singles.

His disability hasn’t been a block for his achievements, neither has it created a mental block for young Ayush who is warmly supported by his mother.

“Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision,” says his mother.

“For Ayush, he doesn’t lack the skill to succeed even though he has a disability. Simply, he does not agree to place ‘DIS’ with ability because he has realised his talents and I am very well proud of that.

Ayush receives his strength from the care he gets at home. “It just shows what giving proper love, focus and attention to your children can achieve.”

Ayush’s mother is fundraising for his participation in future international competitions, as he hopes to represent New Zealand in New Caledonia Para Tournament next month, compete in National Games in October this year and New Zealand Para Open Table Tennis Championship in November 2012.

He wishes to mentor and coach others with a disability.

“The money raised will go towards coaching fees, his fitness programme, table tennis equipment and the cost of travel and accommodation at tournament venues. It will also cover the cost of the coach/team manager accompanying.

Please support Ayush by making donations of any amount to his bank account: 12-3077-0571438-50. You can email his mother Vimmi Bhatnagar at: vimbhat912(at)hotmail.com

Ayush Bhatnagar


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