Indian teen charged for prank

An Indian teenager has pleaded guilty to pointing a laser at aeroplanes and police helicopter in New Zealand earlier this year.

Eighteen year old Pravikash Chandra, who faces four charges of endangering transport will be sentenced as soon as the Auckland judge receives expert information about the laser used.

Pravikash was charged earlier this year Police received a complaint from airport ground control that the planes were targeted with a laser as they were approaching Auckland International Airport.

A police helicopter that was sent to investigate was also targetted by Pravikash.

According to the police, the laser caused temporary flash blindness to the aircraft crew.

If convicted, Pravikash can face a maximum prison term of 14 years.
There have been similar instances of laser being used to target planes in other countries.

Earlier this year, 21-year old Tam Thanh Nguyen,  was fined AU$2000 for pointing a laser at a police helicopter in Victoria, Australia.

He was fined $1500 for possessing and bringing to Victoria a prohibited weapon – the laser pointer.

In 2010, a Californian teenager was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. Nineteen-year-old Nathan Ramon Wells aimed his laser at a California police helicopter that was on a burglary investigation. The pilot was forced to change its course.



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