2 Indians join NZ Film Review Body

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain has appointed two Kiwi Indians to the Film and Labelling Review Body. Veer Khar and Parmjeet Parmar are two of the eight people appointed to the culturally diverse body.

“I am pleased to announce that Denise Ewe, Veer Khar, Pefi Kingi, Joseph Liava’a, David Lui, Shana Malio, George Ngatai and Parmjeet Parmar will join the current Community Representatives to help ensure that the interests of the general public are taken into account in the labelling of films,” says  Chris.

“Community Representatives come from a range of backgrounds and ages. Together they offer a depth of understanding of New Zealand perspectives, ways of life and beliefs, which contribute to the appropriate labelling of films available for reviewing by New Zealanders.”

The Labelling Body issues labels to all films supplied to the public and rates unrestricted films. Community representatives do not sit as a board but assist the Labelling Body, as required, in carrying out day-to-day activities of rating and issuing labels for films, videos and DVDs.

Community Representatives’ appointment terms are on-going but reviewed at least once every three years.


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