Work abroad: Preparing for technical interviews

While most technical interviews are largely focused on assessing your knowledge and skills on a specific technology or subject matter, the preparation for such interviews can be time consuming. Indians keen to work abroad have to often face such technical interviews.

Getting yourself in the right frame for a technical job interview could be an uphill task, where you would need to scan voluminous books and material from numerous sources spread across different media.

Wouldn’t your efforts be reduced greatly if you get a book specifically devoted towards the technical interviews on the respective technology/subject matter?


A new book by Dreamtech Press, SAP PP Interview Questions (Dreamtech Press, ISBN: 978-81-7722-796-3) brings offers an economical and time-saving ensemble of probable questions being asked in the technical interviews, and their adequate answers and explanations.

Dreamtech Press is a technical-books publisher in India. The book is put together by a team at Kogent Learning Solutions Inc. and Dreamtech Press, with experience in bringing content in software development to the fore.

This book gives not only the overall picture of SAP but also a good in-depth knowledge on the SAP-Production Planning Module.

Managing technical job interviewsIt also contains a detailed view of the potential questions as well as answers that you can expect in an interview related with SAP-PP.

It attempts to cover all the concepts related to Master data, MRP, demand management, SOP, and other important aspects of SAP PP.

This book is equipped with easy to understand language, practical examples, explanation of common issues and also with the answers to typical practical questions. It is a good resource for learners and technical functional as well as techno-functional professionals.

The book can be a good resource for Indians working abroad.


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