NZ women concerned about fertility

Two in three Kiwi women (63%) say they have friends and family who have experienced fertility issues and as many as 93% New Zealand women believe more should be done to promote ways to improve fertility.

In response to an online survey by New Zealand’s Good Health magazine, the women said there should be more promotion around alternatives to IVF (92%) and 36% said they would consider helping infertile couples through egg donation.

The key problems New Zealand women said they encountered while trying to conceive were Endometriosis/Polycystic Ovarian (32%), unexplained infertility (31%), recurrent miscarriage (20%), age (16%), and male fertility issues (16%).

Other key factors which Kiwi women believed influenced infertility, included: weight (60%), lifestyle (52%), genetics (50%), diet and food (49%), and smoking (47%).

The cost of IVF was also a concern with 82% saying IVF was too expensive, 37% said it should be free to people fitting a certain criteria and 31% that it should be partially funded.

Women of all ages shouldn’t take fertility for granted, says Good Health editor Pamela Marker.

“Our survey results, along with a comprehensive report and heartfelt real-life stories, show today’s reality of fertility in New Zealand,” she says.


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