I don’t need to be on talk show to prove my goodness – Bipasha

Outraged by new rumours about her private life, Bollywood actor Bipasha Basu has lashed at media outlets for sensationalising her relationships.

“What happens between two people is supposed to stay between the two when its over,” says the actor on Twitter.

“That’s the dignity that I have grown up with and the respect I deserve.

Bipasha refuses to use media to clarify her relationship status.

“I don’t need to be on a talk show two prove my goodness!”

John and Bipasha Basu shared one of the longest off-screen bonds in Bollywood

At the same time, she confirms that her boyfriend John Abraham and she are not together any more.

“My relationship with John Abraham is over for good, for reasons known best to the both of us.”

After being in one of the longest lasted relationships in Bollywood, John and Bipasha split after a decade of romance.

Bipasha feels that the rumours are a publicity stunt for a new movie.

“My break up happened almost a year ago! Why are these stories coming up now? Is it a PR exercise for a film or overi-maginative journalism?

Bipasha is not taking well to the rumours. “Waking up to stories about my life everyday is no fun! Making me sound tragic when I am in a happy place is not okay with me!

While John discussed intimate details of his relationship on national television recently, Bipasha has gone back to Kolkata to be with her family as she tries to cope with her broken relationship.


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