Why is junk food bad for you

The success of junk food business has drawn a lot of attention to the industry and the food itself. Many denounce junk food due to its ill effect on consumers and the health of the world. Not only is junk food confirmed to be bad for the physical condition owing to high fat and likely health risks, but also its effect on employment. Let us have a look at some of the health issues associated with junk food.


Eating junk food and living a sedentary life paves the way to obesity. Obesity causes other problems such as cholesterol increase, jamming of the arteries, the increased risk of coronary diseases, apart from the general physical uneasiness posed by the additional weight. Junk food is also addictive and hence it is very hard to give up on the oily and greasy foods and fizzy drinks and go for better food options.

Junk food burger obesity
Junk food can cause heart-related health risks


Cholesterol in meat-containing junk food is very dangerous for health. Meat has plenty of cholesterol and hence it paves the way for build up of bad cholesterol. Cholesterol molecules can build up in the arteries and cause thickening or congestion of the arteries. Thickening of the arteries can lead to clogging of blood flow and this has an effect on blood pressure. In case the artery that transports blood to the heart gets clogged, it can cause a heart attack or even complete heart failure when there is a total obstruction of blood flow.

Blood pressure

Most of these quick and expedient meals hold high levels of sodium, which increases and worsens the risks of high blood pressure. Even though the body needs minimum levels of sodium, too much sodium can have a say in high blood pressure. Sodium can also cause the accumulation of fluids in case of people with cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, or kidney disease.

Therefore steady and habitual consumption of junk food can lead to an overall unhealthy condition. So watch vigilantly what you consume, especially at a fast-food restaurant. Even if you are on a high protein diet plan, being aware of the nutritional content is imperative. Also, keep portion sizes small, and keep the high-fat sauces and condiments to a minimum.


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