Kolaveri maker releases Sachin song

South Indian actor-turned-singer Dhanush has released his latest song – The Sachin Song, in a tribute to India’s most adored cricket superstar – Sachin Tendulkar.

Announcing the release of the song on Twitter, the Kolaveri-fame singer said: “THE SACHIN song officially out 4am today. let’s sing along-u. A humble attempt from a simple fan.”

Dhanush’s earlier song, Why This Kolaveri Di, became an overnight sensation worldwide, when it was launched on YouTube last month. The soundtrack of the yet-to-be-released Tamil film 3 was written and sung by Dhanush. The 29-year old actor is son-in-law of South Indian superstar Rajnikanth.

The latest anthem for the iconic cricketer was shot in Hyderabad and features actress Anushka.

The actor has not yet met Sachin Tendulkar. Why is Sachin revered in India?


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