highly skilled jobs in Auckland

Less-known NZ job websites to visit

Most job seekers are already aware of Seek, and Trade Me Jobs – two of the most popular websites to visit if you are looking for a job in New Zealand. Both these websites publish thousands of jobs every week – and most New Zealand employers advertise on these sites by default.

However, many niche job boards, some of which are run by the government, are equally important or even more crucial if you are looking for a specialist job.

Job seekers should bookmark this page for easy reference.

highly skilled jobs in Auckland

General jobs

Auckland Council jobs

Most job seekers who come to New Zealand choose Auckland as their preferred city to settle in. It multicultural composition, moderate weather add to the attraction of living in a city with most jobs in New Zealand. And Auckland Council is the largest employer in the city, and is also known for hiring new migrants.

The careers section of Auckland Council provides an option to subscribe to their job feed, so that relevant jobs could be emailed to you. This is a good option to consider.


One of the largest employers in New Zealand is the New Zealand government, and the hub of the government is Wellington. While Auckland has the most jobs in the country, Wellington has the most-paying jobs in New Zealand. The government sector is also known to have openness to hiring migrants.

Work and Income New Zealand job board

This is the job website maintained by the social benefit department of New Zealand government, especially designed for people who are on benefit and are seeking gainful employment. The website usually lists low-paying jobs, but is a useful resource for new migrants who are struggling to find a job that matches their expectations.

Jobs for new migrants

Since not every migrant is seeking a top-paying job in a glass office, New Zealand offers many low-paying, part-time or seasonal jobs that help new migrants hit the ground running and pay bills as they word towards their dream job.

This job board specialises in seasonal job vacancies around New Zealand in many industries.

Similar to seasonaljobs.co.nz, this website lists short-term work especially in hospitality, agriculture and horticulture.

Working in New Zealand
This website provides a list of key employers and recruitment agencies in various specialist industries and occupations. It is a very useful research website for job seekers.

New Kiwis
This is an initiative by chambers of commerce and is designed to match skilled migrants with appropriate New Zealand employers. Register on this website if you are already in New Zealand, or intend to travel to New Zealand soon.

Workhere New Zealand
Find information on employers and recruitment agencies relevant to the occupation and industry you want to work in.

IT and telecommunications

IT jobs are the most sought after jobs in New Zealand, especially by migrants. IT jobs also pay well, and because the skills are transferable, qualified migrants tend to have a better chance of getting a job in the IT industry than in other industries that rely on soft skills.

Candle New Zealand
Candle is the largest placement agency for IT jobs in New Zealand. The website has many IT jobs to choose from.

Compspek is particularly good for contract jobs in IT and telecommunications industry, though they also cater to permanent jobs.

An online technology community with an extensive job listing section.

MCC People
Browse for ICT jobs available through this agency.

Pinnacle Recruitment
An organisation providing a list of vacancies in the information technology and technical electronics sector.

Find jobs in the information technology sector.

Searchworks Ltd
A recruitment agency specialising in IT and software engineering jobs.

Top recruitment agencies in New Zealand

While most recruitment agencies list their jobs on Seek and TradeMe Jobs, it pays to register directly with an agency. This helps in arranging a meeting with a specialist from the recruitment agency.

Once you are on their file, they may be able to actively seek job on your behalf. Many times, you may be considered for a job that’s not even listed and advertised.

While the following list is not exhaustive, it covers some of the popular placement agencies in New Zealand.

Adecco  (for engineering jobs)
Advanced Personnel  (for engineering, infrastructure, warehousing and construction jobs)

Beyond Recruitment (for IT, accounting, telecommunications, engineering and government positions)

Enterprise Recruitment (for all sectors)

Fosterra (primarily for South-Island jobs in technical fields)
Frog Recruitment  (for jobs in accounting, IT, human resources and sales)

Hudson  (one of the largest recruiment agencies; has jobs in all sectors)


Kinetic Recruitment  (for secretarial and entry-level roles in New Zealand)
Lawson Williams Consulting Group
Martin Personnel
Momentum  (for jobs in PR,  communications, finance, and bicultural employment)

OCG  (for mid to senior level positions)

Salt (for flexible and permanent positions mostly at entry level)

Tell employers you are looking

This is a new crop of websites that provides a platform for jobseekers to profile their skills and make them visible to prospective employers. These websites take out the middleman (recruitment agency) from the hiring process and puts employers in touch with prospective employees. Migrants don’t have to worry about the recruitment agency’s bias, and employers save on hiring costs.

Green Sky

Job seekersc can promote their skills to employers by creating a profile on Green Sky. This website is not only useful for seeking full-time jobs, but also a great place to find assignments as a freelancer or part-time employee.

Similar websites:

I’m Looking

This is an online marketplace used by employers looking to outsource project-based work.

For more specialist listings of job websites, visit the Careers website run by the New Zealand government.


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