Auckland gets ready to reduce waste by 30%

Auckland will come under a uniform dispsoer-pays system for refuse collection as the council has decided to extend the disposer-pays region wide and introduce wheelie bins across the region. Currently, only certain regions of Auckland (West Auckland and North Shore) have disposer-pays system for rubbish collection.

Following public submissions, Auckland Council adopted a new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) to reduce the 1.2 million tonnes of waste Auckland currently sends to landfill each year – an amount that would cover the rugby field at Eden Park to twice the height of the Sky Tower annually.

About 80% of submitters supported the target of a 30% reduction in domestic kerbside waste sent to landfill by 2018, says Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse.

“Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work with the waste industry, businesses, local boards and the community to achieve this ambitious goal.”

However, Penny was quick to allay fears that illegal dumping would spike when disposer-pays is introduced.

“The council data shows illegal dumping did not increase when the former North Shore and Waitakere councils made the change to disposer pays.

“By carrying out comprehensive education, monitoring and enforcement action as they did we’re confident any increase in illegal dumping will be limited.

“Householders will be able to choose the size of refuse bin they use and how often they put it out for collection.

“So even if additional rubbish is added by another person, the householder will not pay more, as the charge is per lift, not by weight.”

The actions outlined in the plan will be rolled out in stages during the next few years, following work to ensure households and businesses are prepared for changes.

“Major changes to kerbside collections will not start until 2015, as current contracts expire.

“A lot of communication and community education will happen prior to ensure people know how they can reduce waste and keep user-changes to a minimum, particularly in Manukau and central Auckland where disposer-pays for rubbish will be new but where targeted rates for rubbish collection will reduce.”


Introducing new wheelie bins across the region, with a choice of bin sizes from 60 litre to 240 litre in urban areas and the option of a pre-paid bag for rural areas and the Hauraki Gulf islands

Retaining a rates-funded recycling collection, with a choice of wheelie bins ranging in size from 140 litre to 360 litre and an increase in the range of recyclables accepted

Introducing a rates-funded organic waste collection in urban areas

Providing a rates-funded inorganic collection across the region


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