What to do in earthquake

In case of quake, drop, cover, hold

The morning after a magnitude 7 earthquake rocked New Zealand, the country has launched a new website to make New Zealand earthquake hazard information easier to find.

Civil Defence Minister Chris Tremain says last night’s earthquake was “a timely reminder for New Zealanders to be earthquake prepared,” while the ministry updated its Shakeout website.

Previously found across several regional websites, information about all earthquake hazards throughout the country can now be accessed here.

The website is part of the New Zealand ShakeOut initiative – a campaign to have one million people involved in an earthquake drill at 9:26am on 26 September 2012.

What to do in earthquake

“Although Auckland lies in one of the lowest earthquake activity regions of New Zealand, it does experience some earthquakes from time to time, and it’s important that Aucklanders are prepared,” says Clive Manley, Manager Civil Defence and Emergency Management at Auckland Council.

“This website is also a great tool for those who travel around the country and want to find out about earthquake hazards in other regions.”

New Zealand earthquake hazards draws together information from the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, GNS Science, 16 regional civil defence emergency management groups and the local authorities that make up the groups.

As well as providing regional earthquake hazard information, each region’s page also links to the Get Thru website, which gives information that can be used throughout the country to prepare for emergencies, including earthquakes.

It was only last week that the Civil Defence launched its Drop Cover Hold campaign to address any confusion about the right actions to take in an earthquake.

Following the Canterbury and Christchurch earthquakes, there was confusion around the right actions to take, images of people running outside, as well as reports incorrectly suggesting you should not take cover under a table.

This campaign reinforces the advice of the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, GNS Science, EQC and the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering. That is, Drop, Cover and Hold during an earthquake.

New Zealand ShakeOut is a national campaign aimed at having 1 million people involved in an earthquake drill at 9:26-26:9 (9:26am 26 September). The drill is supported by a dedicated website.


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