Osama dead, Americans rejoice

As the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death was announced by the American President Obama, Americans took to the streets to celebrate.

Even as Barack Obama confirmed the death of Osama bin Laden in an address, a huge crowd of Americans gathered outside the White House shouting “USA, USA!”

The crowd waved the US national flags, and sang The Star Spangled Banner, even before the president made the big announcement in a hurriedly-called address to the nation.

Soon after the president’s historic announcement on 1 May (American time), American security officials cautioned that the announcement may could lead to potential attacks against the United States.

In the meantime, the US security forces have security Osama’s body and the officials said the US would ensure that the body would be handled in accordance with Islamic tradition.

The announcement has raised many questions. Will the death of the most wanted terrorist lead to peace? While the president claimed that the operation was carried out without the help of the Pakistani army, questions are raised about the practicality of carrying out a military operation without aid or awareness of the host country’s military or the government.

The question is also raised about the smoothness of the operation in which not even one US soldier was killed, as claimed by the US president. If the operation was so accurate, why was Osama not captured alive?

There have been reports that Osama did not want to get arrested. Osama had told his bodyguards that if the US forces were to arrest him, the bodyguard should shoot Osama.

Other question raised is how Osama was able to live so close to the capital of Pakistan, and very close to a military area, where many of the top military officers live. Reportedly, Osama has been hiding here for the past six years, and was able to avoid any international attention.


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