The Queen: fund-raising event for women victims

A youth theatre group has put together a play which will also be a charity fund-raiser to support migrant and minority communities of New Zealand.

The Queen is a dance drama organised by a South East Asian youth group to raise funds for Shakti Ethnic Family Services for promoting the well-being of ethnic families.

“For over a decade Shakti has been striving to strengthen and enable safer, happier families,” says a spokesperson for the organisation.

“Many migrant families in New Zealand are unable to fully integrate and lead safe, healthy lives.

“Barriers associated with migration and other cultural, linguistic and societal barriers keep families disengaged and unsafe within their own homes.

“Such environments give rise to family violence, cross-cultural conflict and mental illness.

“Shakti has been tackling such issues.”

The fund-raising event features a montage of pieces with the central theme of the empowerment of women.
“The first half is highlighted by a short play that uses stylised physical theatre to showcase the female victim’s journey from oppression
to empowerment,” says the spokesperson.
‘The Queen’ is a dance ballet that combines western and classical Indian music and is choreographed in the ancient Indian classical dance form of Bharatha Natyam. Bharatha Natyam derives its name from Bhava (meaning expression ) Raga (meaning melody) and Thala (meaning rhythm).

“It is through these modes of expression that the dancers present a contemporary production with its roots in Indian mythology to tell the story of a strong, independent queen of yesteryear.”

The Queen

27 May, doors open at 5pm

Auckland Girls Grammar, Auckland

For tickets contact: 021 11 73 731, email:


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