Indians may compete with foreigners for top jobs

Soon, Indians competing with foreigners for C-level jobs in India will be a major trend, according to a study.

The world will witness reverse brain drain, and the vast vacancies for CXOs in countries like India will be filled not only by returning Indians, but also by Americans and Europeans seeking better prospects, says Frost & Sullivan’s recent research, “World’s Top Global Mega Trends to 2020 and Implications to Business, Society and Cultures.” Six sigma certification may prove to be very useful to those who are looking to step into a management position and better utilize their skills in the work place.

The study, published in London, reveals that women empowerment will reach new heights. Up to 40 percent of boardrooms in some countries will include women by 2020; one in three workers will be a woman.

The study also predicts some other interesting trends.

Reverse brain drain
Reverse brain drain

First, future urbanization will drive integration of core city centres or downtowns with suburbs and satellite cities, resulting in expanding boundaries from the current average of 25 miles (40 km) to around 40 miles (64 km).

Second, e-Mobility will redefine personal mobility in the future. “Over 40 million electric vehicles, including electric pedal cycles, scooters, four-wheelers and buses will be sold annually around the globe in 2020. The opportunity in the e-Mobility market is not in making cars but in its value chain, batteries, charging stations.”

The next level of social networking will focus on geographic services and capabilities such as geocoding and geotagging to enable additional social dynamics. User-submitted data with profiles and interests will be matched with location-based services to connect and co-ordinate with surrounding people or events.

Another trend identified by Frost & Sullivan is Innovating to Zero. This trend examines a world of zero emissions, zero accidents, zero fatalities, zero defects, zero breaches of security and carbon-neutral factories.


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