Review of funding policies to assist communities

New Zealand’s largest council is preparing to review more than 400 of 1200 leases in council-owned land and buildings so as to streamline rental charges across the region and make it easier for community groups to budget for the rents of these venues.
Auckland Council is reviewing policies covering support of community groups through funding, subsidised rentals, and the leasing of council-owned buildings.
The council is exploring the introduction of standardised rentals and fees including free maintenance of buildings to ensure community groups are better able to budget for their operation.
“We’re conscious of trying to do the best for community groups with policies which are transparent and equitable,” says the chair of the Regional Development and Operations Committee, Councillor Ann Hartley.
“The aim is to provide common arrangements across the region that are fair and transparent.
“Currently there’s a myriad of different arrangements inherited from the seven former councils and we need to introduce some clarity and consistency,” says Hartley.
The review will also assist the council to better identify its assets across the region and their requirements for maintenance.


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