New Zealand closer to building Sai temple

The devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba have come a step closer to building a temple of their beloved deity in Auckland, thanks to the untiring efforts of the Shirdi Sai Sanstan New Zealand.

Hundreds of Sai devotees gathered at at 12-18 Princes Street, Onehunga, to witness the sod-turning (bhumi-poojan) ceremony of the Shirdi Sai Temple to be built in Auckland. The temple, expected to be complete later this year, will also have a community hall.

As part of its efforts to raise funds, the Sansthan (trust) had introduced Lay-A-Brick promotion, where devotees could donate $101 per brick to be layed in the foundation for ever. At the time of going to press, the scheme had received an overwhelming response, as supporters bought multiple bricks for the prosperity of the family, and wellbeing of the children.

The ceremony was marked with Vishnu Yagna, many prayers and Baba’s Abhishekam, followed by mahaprasad, and was well attended not only by people from many Indian communities but also from other communities.

A 5.5feet statue of Sai Baba in spotless white makarana marble has been especially brought in from Jaipur in India for its establishment in the soon-to-be-built temple.

The temple will also host statues of other deities including navagrahas – the nine planetary gods in Hindu religion. It is believed that these celestial bodies in the cosmos influence every aspect of human lives and is responsible for all the good or bad times one faces in life, says the trust website.

“These nine planets are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. An ill placement of any of these planets in one’s horoscope can cause diseases or other negative effects in that person’s life. The Navagrahas needs to be propitiated in order to have a good life.”

The temple complex will have community facility which can be used for cultural classes and mediation. The trust regularly organises blood donation camps, tree-planting as well as food donation.

How to donate:

Within New Zealand and from overseas: Remittances can be made to ASB Bank – 123137 – 0047268 – 00 Swift code for remittances from abroad – ASBBNZ2A – ASB Bank, Two Double Seven Branch, Newmarket, Auckland

From India: Donations in India can be made from any branch of Bank of Baroda to the Sansthan Account with Bank of Baroda Auckland Account number : 0212730022170001 Swift code BARBNZ2A.

Trust website


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