Be gentle on your skin this Holi

As the Hindu festival of colours comes closer, people are getting ready to paint the town red, green, yellow, blue and many imaginable colours. While these colours look beautiful and add ‘colour’ to the celebration, your skin begs to be protected.

What makes it worse for your skin is the coincidence of Holi with the change of season, which is when your skin is vulnerable.

However, your concern for your skin shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the festival of Holi. Here are a few skincare tips for Holi:

Holi skincare


Cover your body with clothes as much as possible. This would give lesser stains and less contact of colours on to the skin. Wear turtle necks, full sleeves T-Shirts. Avoid wearing short pants.

Remember, Holi colours are full of chemicals, and in some cases may even contain glass particles. Go for organic colours. Organic colours are not only safe and dry but are easy to get rid off from the skin.

Hydrate yourself well before the night of Holi. The more hydrated you are, the lesser colour would your skin hold. Drink good amount of water and moisturize well.

Hindu festival holi


First moisturize your skin with a thick moisturizer or a cold cream and then apply a high SPF Sunscreen to all exposed body parts. You may also apply olive oil optionally instead of the sunscreen. The oil would not let the colour stay on your skin and it would slip down easily. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the finger tips, behind the ears and on the side of the nose. This wouldn’t let the colour to stay in these parts and avoid any cause of irritation in the skin folds.

Oil your hair well to avoid accumulation of chemicals in the hair and scalp.


Remove the colour while it is wet. If the colour dries up it’ll be absorbed by your skin.
Do not use harsh soaps to take out colour. Use moisture-based soaps or start with cleansing milk.

Use lukewarm water to remove the colours. You may also go for home remedies like a mixture of soybean flour and milk. Use lemon wedges on the areas of stubborn colouration.

Do not panic if the colour doesn’t go in one wash. It would keep coming out with every shower if you would hydrate your skin well.

Also consider some general skin-care tips. There are diverse ways that people can do to recover the health of their skin and to get better tone naturally.

For a healthy skin, follow these tips closely: have as much water as possible; apply jojoba oil; scrub the skin; use sunscreen, maintain a balanced diet.

Among the tips discussed above, drinking water is the most important habit to form.

Many skin-conscious women are realizing that natural beauty products and skin care tips are far better than some of the well known brands from the most expensive shops.

Amidst the glamour of top cosmetic brands, the role of water in improving the skin is taken for granted. Even though there have been disputes about drinking at least 8 glasses per day as part of beauty tips, health experts strongly believe that somehow, water ingestion is responsible for the general health of the skin.

(Priyanka Tyagi is a Cosmetologist for Skeyndor in India)


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