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Sonakshi Sinha’s Weight Loss Plan

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha fat bikini

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, who lost over 30kgs for her debut film Dabangg opposite actor Salman Khan, is set to shedding few more pounds.

“First, I had to lose weight for my debut in Dabangg. Now I’ve to get into even better shape for Joker and Race 2,” the 23-year old actress told a news service. “For the last two years that’s all I seem to be doing. Losing weight.”

Here are the secrets of Sonakshi Sinha’s guaranteed weight loss.

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha fat bikini

How did Sonakshi Sinha lose 30kgs

Work hard

You can’t lose weight fast. It takes a lot of hard work. In fact, Sonakshi worked hard for two years. It took a lot of determination.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy when I started, but once I did, there was no looking back,” she told a newspaper. “It was a combination of proper diet and vigorous exercise that got me to the shape I am in now.”


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Sonakshi attended gym and pumped iron for five days a week. This was combined with extensive cardio exercises.

Sonakshi Sinha’s Diet

Sonakshi also followed a strict diet for weight loss. “I eat small meals every three hours to keep me going.”

Sonakshi Sinha photo Maxim


She got her motivation and guidance from her Dabangg co-star Salman Khan. “He saw potential in me and egged me on to lose weight. I would say his contribution was the highest as I started taking it seriously only after he told me to.”

So there you go. You have your own weight loss plan straight from a Bollywood actress who has lost weight and achieved what may seem to be the impossible for many girls keen to get in shape.

Here’s a brief fast weight loss plan that shows how to lose 30 pounds as fast as possible.


1. Keep a record of what you eat. When you look at your journal, you will see that mostly you are eating one type of food.  Include a range of weight loss foods in your diet.

2. Drink lots of water. As a guide, divide your weight (in kg) by 8, and the resultant figure is the number of glasses you should drink. For example, if your weight is  72kgs, then you should drink 9 glasses of water.

3. Take some multivitamin tablets every day

4. Make sure you are eating one raw fruit and vegetable and some food that contains lean protein

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plan

1. Exercise three times a week, half an hour for each workout. Avoid walking. If you have to walk, then walk briskly.

2. Drink plenty of fluid, mostly water. Avoid aerated drinks

3. Eat well: Have a balance of fruit, veggies and lean meat.  Avoid fast food and eat red meat in moderation

4. Sleep well: It is absolutely important to sleep about 7 to 8 hours daily – sound sleep, that is. Too less or too much sleep can put body in a distressed mode.

Secrets of Sonakshi Sinha’s weight loss diet

Sonakshi plays tennis, and visits gym twice every day.

Sonakshi uses hot yoga (Bikram Yoga) and spinning for flexibility

She follows strict diet regime and avoids sugar-heavy food

Whether it is Ranvir Singh losing fat and developing the perfect six-abs, or Kareen Kapoor losing her chubby flab to get into the zero figure, Bollywood stars have always inspired many Indians.

Many people look up to Bollywood actors and dream to lose weight by following the secrets of Bollywood’s weight loss diets and exercise plan.

The Global Indian magazine has spoken with the personal trainers of some of the top Bollywood stars to develop this list of secrets of losing weight as followed by Bollywood stars.

Here are the top ways to lose weight.


At a recent reality show Aap Ki Adalat, a lady in the audience asked Salman Khan the secret of his six pack abs, so that she could get her husband to lose weight. Salman said, “Get him in a job which requires him to take off his shirt in public.” In other words, Salman was referring to the need of his job as a movie star to have the perfect body. That’s his motivation. That’s his need. What’s your motivation? Do you have a need to have lean body and flat belly? Find a strong need to lose weight.

Bad habits

Each one of us has a different preference for food. Some like chocolate, some like french fries and so on. But the desire to have junk is common to all of us. What’s your preference for junk food? Is it chocolate? Is it sweets? Find your poison and make sure you don’t have easy access to it. Don’t stuff your fridge with junk food. ‘Watch what you eat and don’t binge!’, says Neha Dhupia.

Heavy breakfast

As the saying goes, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Bollywood celebrity John Abraham suggests a heavy breakfast. He starts his day with six egg whites.

He avoids egg yolk as it contains fat. He supplements egg whites with toast with butter, a few almonds and fresh fruit juice. He recommends a cup of tea for those who are not fond of juice.

Research shows that people who eat heavy breakfast fill fuller throughout the day and eat less food during the rest of the day. This helps in managing weight.

More meals

While traditionally we eat two large meals, Bollywood actors prefer to have small but more frequent meals. This fits well with your busy and erratic schedule. It also provides enough energy to carry on with their long work-hours.

Take Kareena Kapoor for example. She starts her day with muesli with nuts and yoghurt. She has a few chapatis and green vegetables with dal for lunch and dinner. At other times, she eats moderate amount of cheese, chana, groundnut.

Some of the low-fat foods that are also loved by Bollywood stars are: black beans, oats, salmon, brown rice, almonds and kidney beans

Fruits good for weight loss include: avocados, pears, blueberries

Vegetables recommended for weight loss: brocoli, spinach

It has been five years since Sonakshi Sinha has lost more than 20 kgs, and she has managed to keep that weight off, thanks to her sheer determination, willpower, and regular exercise.

Would you like to lose weight naturally? Find out how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, in this bestselling book: Magical Apple Cider Vinegar: Ultimate Guide for Weight Loss, Hair Fall and Skincare.

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Four foods to stay in shape

Editor recommends Food Health News

Five guaranteed ways to lower cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol is one of the major concerns for Indians living abroad, especially those keen to lose weight. In fact, high cholesterol is one of the common health issues for NRIs and Indians worldwide.

The problem is also common among Americans. According to a media release by Proctor and Gamble, more than 102 million Americans have cholesterol levels that are considered borderline high-risk.

While cholesterol can lead to many illnesses, you can take some timely steps to control cholesterol. There are some guaranteed ways to lower cholesterol, as long as you are committed to lead a healthy life.

But before we look at the guaranteed ways to lower cholesterol, we must first understand what is cholesterol.

What is cholesterol

Every person has a waxy substance in many parts of their body. This is cholesterol. Not all cholesterol is bad. Not all cholesterol is fat. There are two types of cholesterol – HDL or good cholesterol, and LDL or bad cholesterol.

It is the Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) which is a cause of concern as it builds up in the arteries and causes heart disease. On the other hand, High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), or the good cholesterol, protects against heart attack.

HDL in fact cleanses our system by removing cholesterol from the arteries and back to the liver where it’s passed from the body. As you can see when you read this article, you can maintain healthy levels of cholesterol with these guaranteed yet simple changes to lifestyle.

Remember, LDL cholesterol is bad for health, but HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol is not only good but is also essential for your health. Don’t assume that high cholesterol is bad for you, like high blood pressure. Please get your cholesterol checked regularly, and learn how to interpret the cholesterol numbers. Keep a record of your cholesterol levels.

Why cholesterol is bad for health?

Cholesterol associates with triglycerides to form plasma lipids. Triglycerides are the chemical form in which most fat exists in food as well as in the body, says American Heart Association. “Triglycerides in plasma are derived from fats eaten in foods or made in the body from other energy sources like carbohydrates. Calories ingested in a meal and not used immediately by tissues are converted to triglycerides and transported to fat cells to be stored.

“Hormones regulate the release of triglycerides from fat tissue so they meet the body’s needs for energy between meals.” AHA says.

“Excess triglycerides in plasma is called hypertriglyceridemia. It’s linked to the occurrence of coronary artery disease in some people.”

Now let’s look at the easy ways of lowering cholesterol fast. These steps are recommended by Metamucil and Dr. Michael Roizen, Chairman of the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic.

Lower cholesterol

Five Easy Ways to Lower Cholesterol Fast

Walk more

Dr. Roizen recommends the use of a pedometer and walking or running more every day. “Grab a pedometer and watch the numbers roll as you make simple changes for your health and take the stairs, walk to work, or stroll around the neighbourhood to increase your physical activity for better heart health.

Pedometer can be a great motivator. “Tracking your progress throughout the day can be great inspiration to keep going, and walking is a simple and easy type of exercise to help lower cholesterol!

Get an exercise buddy

One of the main reasons why people fail to lose weight is lack of motivation. Dr Roizen appreciates that a healthy lifestyle requires motivation, encouragement and a friend to lean on.

“Grab an exercise buddy and support each other in the challenge to lower your cholesterol.”

You can go on long walks with your friend or partner. Make sure you encourage each other to try new types of physical activity to get the heart pumping and to keep cholesterol levels down! This togetherness not only helps physically but also creates a positive mental energy.

“Enjoy each other’s company and laugh – reduced levels of stress will help your heart too!”

Eat well

No, we are not recommending eating more, or eating junk food. We are just suggesting eating the right food. Increasing the intake of fiber can help you lower cholesterol. Of course, not all fiber is good. Viscous soluble fiber like psyllium fiber, the natural dietary fiber found in Metamucil, is proven to help lower total and “lousy” LDL cholesterol because it forms a thick gel that traps and helps remove some cholesterol, bile acids and waste in the gut.

“This is why I recommend my patients supplement low fat, low cholesterol diets with 7 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium daily.”

When fat is good

Avoid fatty food but there is one thing that’s good for you – docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid. DHA is good for your heart. It improves heart function and helps lower Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL).

It also raises the levels of High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), or the ‘healthy’ cholesterol. Some of the popular sources of DHA are salmon, sardines and tuna. But if you don’t like seafood, don’t panic “Try fish oil supplements, or if you don’t like fishy taste, get them from vegetarian supplements made from algal DHA.”

Avoid dangerous foods

They say: you are what you eat. Be aware of what you are eating. Read food literature and familiarise yourself with what goes in your bread and pasta.

“Get to know your ingredients and read the nutrition labels thoroughly,” says Dr Roizen.

Do you know that there are hidden sugars and unhealthy ingredients in your food that can increase your weight, which can lead to high cholesterol. Avoid all foods that contain high levels of cholesterol, saturated fat and hidden sources of sugar such as high fructose corn syrup, some dextrins, or evaporated cane juice.


How does cholesterol affect health?

Lowering your cholesterol is the most important thing you can do to promote overall heart health. Too much cholesterol can result in atherosclerosis, which is when fat and cholesterol crowd the walls of the arteries,preventing adequate blood flow to parts of the body like the heart and brain, and resulting in signs and symptoms of heart disease, such as angina and heart attack

Whether you are 35 or 65, it is never too early or too late to start to reduce the risk of heart disease.

 How does fiber help heart?

Certain kinds of fiber lower cholesterol because they form a thick gel that traps and helps remove some cholesterol, bile acid and waste. Be sure to consume lots of soluble fiber, like beans, oats, barley or fruits. Most Americans only get 10 to 15 grams of fiber per day through their normal diet vs. the recommended 20 to 35 grams.

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What diet did Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor follow to lose weight?

Four foods to stay in shape

(Editor’s note: Views expressed here are not of The Global Indian magazine. Seek medical advice.)

Bollywood Food Health

Secrets of Sonam Kapoor weight loss diet

Weight loss was a major goal for Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. She had studied in a boarding school in Singapore for two years, and had no intentions of losing weight because she wasn’t planning to make a career in Bollywood. For Sonam Kapoor weight loss was a distant goal.

She had gained eyed pounds more as due to her emotional eating. Being alone in a foreign land with thousands of miles away from her parent had created a real craving for fatty foods for Sonam Kapoor. When she decided to enter Bollywood, she was faced with a big question: how to lose more than 30 kilos fast?

For Sonam Kapoor weight loss diet was a major challenge. Being a Punjabi, she had a natural inclination for food. “We are from Peshawar, a city where rich food and eating with abandon is a way of life,” Sonam said in a newspaper interview. “I am very proud of my roots. But I realised it is neither healthy nor practical to live that way.

For Sonam Kapoor weight loss tips came from her mother who was a big help. “Having a health-conscious mother has been a blessing. She’s always made sure we ate , wholesome meals, and as a family, we avoid overeating.”

When she decided to enter Bollywood, she committed herself to losing weight. She was willing to do whatever it took to lose weight fast. She followed a strict diet plan and her mother helped her.

“It was my mother who helped me get rid of my excess weight.”

What diet did Sonam Kapoor follow to lose weight?

Sonam Kapoor weight loss diet

Sonam Kapoor – before

She stayed away from all the usual culprits that cause weight gain: chocolates, ice creams, fried foods and sweets. Her mother helped with this. “The first thing she did was to keep me off the stuff I was so fond of as a teenager-chocolates, ice creams, fried foods and sweets.” She had her eyes firmly set on losing 35 kgs.

She was put on a six-meals a day diet which was a low carb, high protein diet. “My breakfast consisted of oatmeal and fruits. Post-work-out, I had brown bread with egg whites. Afterwards, it was a protein shake with juice.”

Sonam’s lunch included dal, sabzi, one ragi roti, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.

She had an evening serving of high-fibre crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg whites.

Her last meal of the day was soup, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.

“I followed this routine for a year and lost 35 kilos in all,” says Sonam.

She also avoided fried food. “I am quite particular about avoiding fried foods and sweets.

“Salt and sugar are silent killers, so I consume both in moderation by switching to natural sugars and seasoning in my food.”

Exercises for Sonam Kapoor weight loss

She was trained by industry experts in yoga, Pilates and Kathak too. She received weight training from Shervir and Monisha, general fitness with trainer Zarine Watson, artistic yoga and Power Yoga from Bharat Thakur, Pilates from Yasmin Karachiwala.

She also trained in Kathak. “It’s a vigorous form of classical dance and helps you get a toned body.”

Since Sonam played many sports in her school days, especially basketball and rugby, she had the flexibility needed to perform cardio exercises.

“I feel cardiovascular exercises work best for me in combination with weight training. Each day of the week I focus on a particular body part, such as the abdomen, arms, shoulders or waist.”

Sonam completes 30 minutes of cardio every day. This is supported by dance exercises twice a week, which she has learnt from Ashley Lobo.

“On other days I practice Bharat Thakur’s Power Yoga. It is very strenuous but has immense health benefits.

She also loves to swim in the months of summer.

“Whenever I get the time, I play squash too, which requires a lot of strength. I try to do different workouts and balance them out in order to keep my motivation high.” She also mixes exercises which is more fun and helps burn more calories.

So, there you have it, Sonam Kapoor’s exercise regime: cardio, squash, swimming, dance and power yoga.

Sonam Kapoor weight loss secret

Reducing fat and losing weight is possible if you eat in moderation. “I never binge and eat everything in moderation.” However, this does not mean yo should starve yourself.

“I never ignore my cravings. I eat whenever a craving strikes, but in small portions.

“When I felt like chocolates, I didn’t hold back, I took a small piece.

“When I’m traveling I carry an apple or sandwich or health bars to satisfy myself without piling on excess calories.

Sonam Kapoor’s detox tips for weight loss

Sonam drinks warm water to flush toxins out of the body in first thing in the morning. That was her grandmother’s tip. “t flushes out toxins from the system. I follow it up with honey and lime water.”

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day also helps to remove the toxins.

“I drink coconut water every hour or two; it not only quenches my thirst but also helps me feel fun.

Other natural drinks such as cucumber juice and buttermilk also help me stay hydrated and keep my energy levels up.”

She also tries to stay in a healthy, ‘no smoking’ environment everywhere she goes.

Myths about weight loss

You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, you may even gain weight if you suppress your craving for food.

“Yeah, looking at my figure people often assume that I don’t eat much.

“On the contrary, I eat every two hours. Since my day is packed with strenuous physical activity-shooting, swimming or dancing-I never allow myself to go hungry for too long. I snack on nuts and dry fruits.”

One last weight loss tip by Sonam Kapoor

It is possible to lose weight as long as you are committed to eat healthy food every day. It is important to seek medical advice. You might be gaining weight due to sickness.

Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss diet


An egg white omlette, a toast, a seasonal fruit, a glass of warm water. You can even try idli, or poha.


Chicken, rotis, a seasonal vegetable, curd and fruits. “I try to avoid red meat. Once in a blue moon, I do have white rice too. My rotis are made of bajra, bran or jowar or any low grade protein-rich wheat.” Sonam also drinks a few cups of tea without sugar.


Not just what you eat, but when you eat also matters in weight loss. Early dinner is extremely important. “Usually have it by 6:30 pm. On most days it is a vegetarian or chicken sandwich, salad and may be some crispy French fries.

“I also enjoy fish- grilled or cooked in a Spartan gravy. If I still feel hungry then I end my day with a glass of soya milk or a protein shake before going to bed. In addition, I take multi-vitamins.”

How did Sonam Kapoor lose weight?

Eat more often, but less – Eat every two hours. Avoid fatty foods to lose weight quickly.

Exercise – its a myth that you can lose weight by diet alone. Exercise, even if moderate, is important. Use a combination of cardiovascular exercises with weight training.

Follow routine – try to follow a routine for eating, sleeping and exercise

Relax – a stressed body is more prone to put on weight. Just put on the music and shake a leg.

Toxins – reduce all toxins including drinks that contain caffeine, such as Coke, coffee and tea.

Fluids – Water should be your preferred drink, not Coke or Pepsi. And when drinking water, drink at least 1.5 litres.

How long did it take Sonam Kapoor to lose weight? She had to be persistent over months to lose weight.

If Sonam Kapoor can lose more than 35kgs fast, so can you. You just need Sonam Kapoor’s weight loss and diet plan, and a little bit of commitment.

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