Taslima denies advising Sachin against Sathya

Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen has denied a media report which claims that the noted Bangladeshi writer had “advised the cricketing world’s god, Sachin Tendulkar, not to pray for Sathya Sai Baba, who passed away on Sunday morning.”

Protesting against the media report, Taslima tweeted: “Times of India’s headline is ‘Taslima advises Sachin not to pray for Sai Baba’ It’s not TRUE. I DIDN’T GIVE HIM ANY ADVICE.

“I’m shocked to see TOI misleading people by publishing a news that’s not true. Most people don’t know what Retweet is. Doesn’t TOI know it?

“I’m protesting against TOI report. I RT people’s different comments. They’re not mine. I also RT comments that are against me.”

It seems the Times of India’s reporter Bharti Dubey failed to understand the difference between a tweet and a retweet.

Explains Taslima, in a comment that she posted on the inaccurate Times Of India article, “I have never given any advice to Sachin Tendulkar on Twitter or otherwise about Sathya Sai Baba.

“The tweets you see here attributed to me are not my tweets. TOI has quoted tweets that I retweeted as my own tweets. Anyone who is familiar with Twitter will know that retweets do not necesarily become the opinion of the person who retweets it.

“I retweet both things that I agree with and not agree with. Taslima Nasreen.”

Mis-using the power of influencing public opinion, the reporter unfortunately describes the noted writer as someone “who is known more for the controversies chasing her than her literary skills.”

Earlier, India’s cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar visited Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh to pay homage to Sathya Sai Baba who passed away on the Easter day.

Sathya Sai baba, who has millions of followers in India and worldwide, died of liver disease. He was hospitalised for two weeks for jaundice. His organs had gradually stopped responding to treatment.


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