Beatles in Liverpool UK

Five attractions in Liverpool

Liverpool is probably most famous for the English premier team and the city from where the Beatles hail. Liverpool has a lot more to offer than most people realise, with its rich maritime history, imposing architecture and cathedrals it is a city definitely full of old world allure.

Today Liverpool is a combination of old and new and many people continue to flock there for various reasons.

The Docks

Liverpool has a long and rich history and during the Empire days it had an abundance of wealth and trade. Albert Dock is a reminder of Liverpool’s former glory and has been named a UNESCO world heritage site.

The docklands are a favourite among visitors and along the busy waterfront a great selection of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops can be found. Along the dock many remarkable places can be found including the Tate Liverpool, the esteemed Beatles story, the International Museum of Slavery and Merseyside Maritime museum. You can fill your day easily without even leaving the dock.

what to see in Liverpool

The Tate in Liverpool

The Liverpool Tate is the sister of London’s great modern and contemporary art gallery, the Tate Modern. The old converted warehouse houses some great works by leading 20th century artists and the ever-changing exhibits keep the art enthusiasts coming back on a regular basis.

The Beatles

Beatles in Liverpool UKAll avid Beatles fans will absolutely love the Beatles Story which showcases the curious lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo. This museum tells the story carefully of how four young humble boys from Liverpool started out and became the world’s best and most coveted boy band.
The story is lovingly narrated by Julia Lennon, the sister of the late John Lennon and tells of their rapid rise to fame. Full of memorabilia and rare photographs, this is a must for anybody with an interest in music and its history.

Slavery Museum

The International Slavery museum is one of a kind and the first in the world. This touching museum follows the history of slavery right up into modern times. It carefully tells the tale of entrapment, slavery, abuse and of course the uprising and rebellion of those enslaved. It’s a fascinating museum to visit and you’ll see how racism prevailed throughout the centuries and learn about the slow death of this brutal period of history.

Maritime Museum

Liverpool is rich in maritime history so it’s no wonder that it is home to one of the best and influential Maritime museums. Here you’ll see the in depth story of the doomed Titanic, the dark undercover world of people and drug smuggling and you’ll also be able to gain a clearer insight into how it was to work on the docks.

It makes for a wonderful family day out and the variety of exhibits and artefacts will keep you amused for hours.

When visiting Liverpool you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of things to see and do. Plan your trip carefully and decide what needs to be done. The Docks will take you at least one day to explore and you’ll instantly fall in love with the charm of this lively city and the gracious locals.

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