Which is the world’s most useful passport? Not NZ

Want to know which country’s passport gives you visa-free entry to most countries around the world? Read on. For people who love to travel (who doesn’t?), having a passport that qualifies for visa-free entry to popular tourist destinations comes very handy. In fact, that is the main reason why most people seek a foreign passport – it opens doors to many countries which would otherwise be off limits, or have stringent (and expensive) visa regulations.

So which passport is most sought-after for international travel?

Bad news: New Zealand’s passport isn’t the world’s most useful passport.

Good news: It is still more powerful than Australian passport.

According to statistics released by website Good.is, the passport that gives visa-entry (or get visa on arrival) to maximum number of countries is that of the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland. (See infographic below.)

Passport-holders from these countries get visa-free access to 173 countries around the world – that’s almost the entire world, isn’t it?

Close on the heels are the United States, Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg, which open doors to 172 countries.

Not to be left behind are Belgium, Italy and Netherlands with visa-free entry to 171 countries.

Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Portugal and Spain passport allows visaless entry to 170 nations.

Where does New Zealand stand? At number 18. New Zealand passport provides access to travellers to 168 countries; Australia’s passport provides access to 167 countries.




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