Advisory For Indian Students in Australia

Before committing yourself to studying in Australia, do your research, says an advisory from the Ministry of Overseas Indians Affairs, Government of India. (Download the advisory.)
Here are a few highlights of the advisory:
• Find the course which is right for you.
• Make sure that the institution offering the course has a good reputation,
especially if it is a privately-run institution. You can do this by:-
  1. Checking that the institution and the course that  you plan to take, is properly registered with the Australian government, which you can  do at
  2. Carefully reading the website of the institution, which should  provide all the information you need to make an informed decision, such as a description of the course offered, the environment, the teaching methods, facilities, minimum English language proficiency, etc.
  3. Checking with the Education Officer in the Australian High  Commission in New Delhi or the Consulates in Mumbai and  Chennai
  4. Checking with friends or others whom you may know  who are studying or have studied in Australia.


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