Indians now 1% of US population

The legacy of generations of migration is showing signs – the Indian ethnic group in the United States of America now comprises 1% of population.

Most of this growth has come in the last decade – the 3-million-strong Indian community grew by 70% during the last 10 years alone.

Indians are now single-most contributing factor to the Asian population growth in America.

These are the findings of the US 2010 Census analysed by the India-West newspaper.

Most Indians in the US (a little over half million or 528,176 to be precise) live in California, while New York comes second at 313,620.

However, New Jersey, with its nearly 300,000 Indians, accounts for 3.3% of its total population, the highest in the US. New Jersy only had 170,000 Indians 10 years ago; so it seems New Jersey has become a population destination among Indians.

Indians are the largest Asian group in Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami and Atlanta.

The newspaper attributed the population increase mainly to a large number of skilled professionals migrating to the US, especially on H-1B visa.

A large number of Indian students choose America for higher education.

Chinese, at 4 million, was the largest Asian group in the US, followed by Filipinos at 3.4 million, and Indians at 3.2 million, according to the 2010 census.


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