Gauhar Khan Kushal

Bigg Boss: Is Gauhar Khan serious about Kushal

While the romance between Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon seems to be getting more intense with every passing day in the Bigg Boss house, questions are raised about the duo’s chemistry in Bigg Boss.

Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan is known to be seeing Nihar Pandya, Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend.

While Gauhar follows Islam religeon, Kushal is Hindu and so is Nihar Pandya. Gauhar reportedly broke up with Nihar just before entering the Bigg Boss house, because of religious differences.

While Gujju boy Nihar wanted to raise their future kids in a traditional Hindu way, Gauhar did not agree.

Gauhar Khan Kushal

Gauhar’s family has denied these reports. Nihar too has denied his affair with Gauhar Khan.
In the meantime, Kushal maybe cheating in his relationship. Kushal had participated in dance reality show Nach Baliye 5 with his girlfriend Elena Boeva.

While the reports revealed that Kushal and Elena may have broken up, a recent Twitter update by Elena seems to indicate that they are still in love.

“Hey guys, I have no idea what’s going on between Kushal and some girl in the house,” tweeted the model.  “Don’t ask me, please, support him, it’s a nice show, enjoy it.” Elena’s Twitter profile shows her in a cozy pose with Kushal. She responded to a query about whether she misses him. “Of course I miss him!”

Reality TV is not new to Gauhar Khan and her sister Nigaar Khan. The Khan sisters have earlier participated in UTV’s reality show on Bindaas TV, The Khan Sisters. The 13-episode reality programme followed the Khan sisters through their professional and personal routine.

Gauhar Khan also participated in dance reality programme, Jhalak Dhikhalaja. Her elder sister, Nigaar Khan, faced the truth in Rajiv Khandelwal-hosted “Sach Ka Saamna.”

Gauhar also won many hearts for her outstanding performance as lead actor in Kingdom of Dreams’ Zangoora play, which has been running in Gurgaon for a few years.

Youngest of five siblings, Gauhar Khan has been acclaimed for her dance skills in a number of item songs in many Bollywood movies. While her brother and two older sisters are married and settled in Dubai, Gauhar and Nigaar in India pursuing their Bollywood dream.


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