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TCS to strengthen brand with New York Marathon



The world’s most popular marathon will now be known as TCS New York Marathon from this year.

India’s largest technology solutions company – Tata Consultancy Services (popularly known as TCS) – has become the title sponsor of the premium running event which attracts 50,000 runners. The race dates back to 1970 when 127 runners raced four laps of Central Park.

The New York City Marathon offers advertisers an opportunity to reach affluent professionals, as the event attracts 2 million live spectators and 330 million viewers on television.

The previous sponsors, ING, did not renew the contract, as the American banking and insurance giant re-organised their business. “As part of our rebranding effort, we will be focusing our sponsorship and philanthropic efforts more directly on supporting financial literacy,” an ING spokesperson told the New York Times.

The New York Road Runners (NYRR) – the organisers of the racing event, signed TCS as the title sponsor for the next eight years beginning 2014.

This year’s race will be held on Sunday 2 November, and the registration for runners close as early as 18 March. The event is expected to attract more than 100,000 applications from runners.

It’s not just the runners and viewers that TCS wishes to target. The US$11.6 billion tech giant has a very young workforce – the average age of its 300,000 staff is 27-28 years. TCS runs Fit for Life programme in 44 countries for its employees – the fitness programme has every employee registered already. TCS expects its employees to complete 5 million kilometers this year.

The Indian tech giant has a commitment to investing in the health and wellbeing. “We think that that is fundamentally important even for students to study well and have a better career and so on. This is the theme we have taken,” N Chandrasekaran, chief executive of TCS, said in a television interview.

However, building brand recognition is at the core of this relationship. “As we become larger and larger, it is very important for people to know what we stand for, because people come across TCS all the time.”

On its part, the New York Road Runners is keen to strengthen the technology tools used for the event, with the help of TCS.

TCS is creating mobile training and runner tracking apps and software for real-time race results and on-site information. TCS has been a technology consulting partner for NYRR since 2010.

“There is a lot of technology that goes into running a major marathon and in getting people healthier and fitter all year round and what a difference it will make for TCS when people see that we become the most technologically advanced marathon in the world and that we have a lot more people running,” said Mary Wittenberg, chief executive of New York Road Runners.

The new TCS New York City Marathon website is designed to help runners plan their race day, and use tailored coaching plans through the online training programme and information about how to participate as part of a charity team, such as NYRR’s Team for Kids.

TCS has also sponsored similar Marathon events around the world including Amsterdam, Berlin, and Mumbai – the Tata Group‘s home city.

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Bigg Boss: Is Gauhar Khan serious about Kushal

Gauhar Khan Kushal

While the romance between Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon seems to be getting more intense with every passing day in the Bigg Boss house, questions are raised about the duo’s chemistry in Bigg Boss.

Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan is known to be seeing Nihar Pandya, Deepika Padukone’s ex-boyfriend.

While Gauhar follows Islam religeon, Kushal is Hindu and so is Nihar Pandya. Gauhar reportedly broke up with Nihar just before entering the Bigg Boss house, because of religious differences.

While Gujju boy Nihar wanted to raise their future kids in a traditional Hindu way, Gauhar did not agree.

Gauhar Khan Kushal

Gauhar’s family has denied these reports. Nihar too has denied his affair with Gauhar Khan.
In the meantime, Kushal maybe cheating in his relationship. Kushal had participated in dance reality show Nach Baliye 5 with his girlfriend Elena Boeva.

While the reports revealed that Kushal and Elena may have broken up, a recent Twitter update by Elena seems to indicate that they are still in love.

“Hey guys, I have no idea what’s going on between Kushal and some girl in the house,” tweeted the model.  “Don’t ask me, please, support him, it’s a nice show, enjoy it.” Elena’s Twitter profile shows her in a cozy pose with Kushal. She responded to a query about whether she misses him. “Of course I miss him!”

Reality TV is not new to Gauhar Khan and her sister Nigaar Khan. The Khan sisters have earlier participated in UTV’s reality show on Bindaas TV, The Khan Sisters. The 13-episode reality programme followed the Khan sisters through their professional and personal routine.

Gauhar Khan also participated in dance reality programme, Jhalak Dhikhalaja. Her elder sister, Nigaar Khan, faced the truth in Rajiv Khandelwal-hosted “Sach Ka Saamna.”

Gauhar also won many hearts for her outstanding performance as lead actor in Kingdom of Dreams’ Zangoora play, which has been running in Gurgaon for a few years.

Youngest of five siblings, Gauhar Khan has been acclaimed for her dance skills in a number of item songs in many Bollywood movies. While her brother and two older sisters are married and settled in Dubai, Gauhar and Nigaar in India pursuing their Bollywood dream.

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Cheapest Ways To Heat Your Water

how to lower water bill

What is the cheapest way to heat water – gas or electricity? That’s the question commonly asked with increasing electricity prices.

As of April 2013, water bills in the UK increased by as much as 5.5 per cent (3.5 per cent on average). Not only that, we have to pay for heating our water, too.

There are many methods and options available when it comes to heating water, though your main water supply will usually be heated by your central heating system – this is either stored within a tank or cistern, or if you have a combi boiler, hot water is available on demand.

Combi boilers are thought to be more energy efficient than heating water using a cistern or tank system. Other ways of heating water include solar hot water systems, electric showers and immersion heaters.

how to lower water bill

The prices of these heating methods vary; for instance, an electric shower can cost anywhere from £50 right up to £700. If you decided to take the solar route, a water heating system could cost you around £5,000.

Standard immersion heaters generally cost around £150 for purchase and installation (around £120 of that is for the installation itself).

How much of our energy is used for heating water?

It’s difficult to tell how much energy we used to heat water, because it’s particularly tricky to measure, especially when factoring in the energy your gas boiler uses to heat your home.

However, a typical home uses over 10 per cent of their energy on heating water, or around a quarter of the fuel which the boiler uses to heat your home.

After all, hot water is a requirement all year round, whereas heating is dependent on the season.

The real cost of your hot water should also take into account your water supply – in some cases, this can be just as high as the price you’re paying to heat it.

Unlike gas and electricity suppliers, you can’t just switch your water supplier. The market, although privatised, isn’t open to competition which means you can’t easily do an energy comparison, and you’re really left with two options which boil down to how you’re billed.

You can choose whether to change from rateable bills to having your own water meter, and some households in England and Wales could save hundreds of pounds per year by switching.

Rateable Bills

Most homes in England and Wales pay their water bills using the water bill system, where they pay a fixed price based on the home’s rateable value, meaning the amount of water you use is irrelevant.

The simplest way to think of it is, the more you can rent your home out for, the more you’ll be paying for your water.

Unfortunately there are no plans in the works to change this system, and no real way to get the value of your home re-assessed. Scotland have their own system based on council tax bands, and Northern Ireland have no domestic water charges.

Pay as you go?

Already around 45 per cent of homes have water meters, which means your bills are charged at fairer rate, going by how much water you use. These meters calculate your sewerage bill too.

Before you decide to install your own water meter, it’s smart to figure out whether it’d really be a wise investment that could save you money. The easiest way to do this is by going on the amount of bedrooms you have in your home.

If you have bedrooms equal to or more than the number of people living in your home, it’s probably a good idea to look into getting a meter installed – unless you live in Scotland, where doing so isn’t free and can actually cost you quite a bit of money.

Lowering your water heating bills

Back to heating your water, there are some steps you can take to reduce you water heating costs:

  • Choose carefully how you choose to heat your water.
  • Be practical about when you choose to heat your water.
  • Try to only heat your water when necessary.
  • Try heating your water to a lower temperature.
  • When you’ve heated your water, make sure you use it and don’t let it cool down before you do.

R Newman is an energy writer who has been writing since 2007. He has worked in various marketing and creative positions over the past six years and has a BA (hons) in English Language and Creative Writing. His energy related work can be found online as well as in print.

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Book now for cheap Thanksgiving fares – Travelocity

Cheap air tickets for thanksgiving

The best time to buy cheapest air tickets for Thanksgiving is between 8 October and 9 November, says a travel website.

According to Travelocity’s Booking Barometer, prices for Thanksgiving begin to drop during this time, and will pick back up at a steep increase beginning the week of November 10.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the time to start looking for flights and hotels for Thanksgiving is now. The air tickets for Thanksgiving have already become more expensive by 7% compared to this time last year.

Travelocity data shows that the average round-trip domestic airfare this Thanksgiving is $415, inclusive of tax, up nearly 7 percent from last year.

Travelocity calls this the ‘price to beat’ and it should be used as a gauge while shopping for airfare. Good news for some travelers, however, a closer look at the most popular routes shows many prices are well under that average.

cheapest airfares in US

“While average airfare is up for Thanksgiving we are still seeing some of the most popular routes well under the national average,” explains Courtney Scott, senior editor at Travelocity.

“So if $415 is out of your price range, don’t assume you can’t make it home for the holidays. Check your route, be flexible on your dates and you can still find a great deal.”

Tips for holiday travel

Be flexible

Look at returning on Friday 29 November or Tuesday 3 December for lower fares. According to Travelocity’s booking data, returning over the weekend will result in higher prices.

Search alternate airports

Take New York City – always one of the most popular holiday destinations – as an example. While LaGuardia might be the closest airport to your turkey dinner, flying into JFK or Newark instead may be worth the extra effort and could translate into big savings. Use the easy “Compare Surrounding Airports” feature in the advanced search options when you book your flights on Travelocity.

Take the first flight of the day

Not only will the lines at security be shorter, but planes traveling earlier in the day have a better on-time performance in general. However, if your flight is cancelled, you will have the option of taking a flight later in the day.

Pack smart and light

Look at shipping any gifts ahead of time, and try to only pack a carry on. This can help you avoid checked baggage and overweight baggage fees. In addition, if your flight is re-routed because of bad weather or delays, it will be much easier if your luggage is with you. If you do check, don’t put anything in your luggage you can’t live without – like medication, cell phone chargers or your child’s favorite toy.

Average airfares for top 5 Thanksgiving routes

New York City to South Florida – $375

Los Angeles to Dallas/Fort Worth – $338

Chicago to New York – $365

Denver to New York – $382

San Francisco to Los Angeles – $192

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Five Tips for Traveling with Kids

travelling safely with children

Traveling with kids can be an exciting adventure.

Taking children along with you can make you learn a lot of things, since children view things in a different manner and can ask you questions that you might have never thought of.

They can even suggest some places of sight-seeing which can really make your trip memorable. With kids, trips can be educational.

There are many things that you need to take care for resolving the situations that may come across while you are having kids with you for traveling. You should plan well when you are taking kids with you for your trips.

1. Keep the Kids Engaged

travelling safely with childrenYou should remember to pack the various things that can keep the kids engaged. Toys, comics, snacks etc that the kids like can make them get engaged while you are in flight, car or train. Take their favourite movies with you.

If you do not have any such stuff with you, they can get irritated with the traveling and can create problems. It is always better to plan for something that can make them interested and keep them engaged till you reach the destination.

2. Sleeping Arrangements

Depending on the number of family members involved in the trip, you need to plan for the number of rooms required for accommodation for your family. It is always better to spend less for your accommodation and more over the various activities that are related with the visit.

Two adults can easily share a room with two kids. Make the arrangement in such a way that is comfortable and also affordable.

While you are on the trip, you may not have the privacy you have in your home but you can make the night amazing with the kids by playing some games or by watching some movies.

3. Take First Aid

When kids are with you, and you are traveling to a distant place, there are chances that the kids may get infected with an illness like cold, or fever.

Carry medicines to handle such situations. The kids may meet with small accidents as they are very active. So your first aid kit should contain bandages, ointments, tweezers, gauze pads, cotton and similar things that can help you in tackling the situation of an accident.

You should also have an insect repellent cream with you that will suit the kids so that they do not get any insect bites and allergies.

4. Vaccinations and Medications

first aid kit for travellingIf you are planning to fly abroad, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to find out about the various diseases that are present in the place that you are visiting.

Many websites provide you with information on the vaccinations that you and your kids should take for making yourselves safe from the diseases that are prevalent in the place of your visit. You can even choose some homeopathic kits for fighting against the diseases in natural and organic manner without vaccinations.

5. Travel Games

Travel games can help in passing the commute time easily. This can keep you and your kids fresh and energetic. Once you start getting bored, you may lose the whole excitement of visiting the destination, and therefore keeping yourself and your kids engaged is very important.

(Lisa Holland loves to write about Travel. She recommends Billeje Spanien for car rental services in Spain.)