7 Clever Tricks To Thicken Your Hair

Think women are the only ones with a few beauty tricks up their sleeve? Guess again!

If you’re searching for ways to make your thinning hair appear thicker, these clever tricks will help you achieve a full, lush look.

1. Wash that hair!

One glance at the hair-clogged drain following a shower can understandably scare many men away from frequent washing.

After all, it would appear that a wash makes the hair fall right out! However, the average person can lose up to 100 hairs a day, regardless of how frequently they wash their hair.

In fact, skipping a wash allows dirt and grease to build up, which makes hair lie flat and appear to be filled with gaps. Wash regularly to maintain a look of thickness.

2. Be gentle

Though washing your hair doesn’t make it fall out, being rough with it can send it flying.

Keep in mind that hair is three times weaker when it is wet, so vigorous towel-drying or combing can easily cause hair to snap and break.

Let your hair dry naturally, or gently pat it try, to avoid damaging your strands. It is essential to protect the hair you still have!

3. Ditch the comb

Many men with thinning hair obsess over their hairdos, leading them to constantly comb or brush their locks. Don’t do this!

Over-combing thin hair will suck the volume right out of it, making it appear flat and limp. Forget the comb and instead use your fingers to style your hair.

Not only will this be less likely to flatten your ‘do, it will add texture and volume, making hair appear thicker.

4. Use the proper products

In times of desperation, many men reach for gels, waxes, and other heavy-duty styling products in an attempt to achieve the illusion of thickness.

However, such products can seriously weigh hair down, in turn making it appear flat and thin.

Mousse is actually the most effective product, followed closely by root-boosting hair sprays. Choose these over thick pomades and gels.

5. Banish cigarettes

You already know that smoking is bad for your health; but did you know it’s bad for your hair too?

Smoking harms your hair with a one-two punch. First, it increases the levels of hormones that can cause hair loss.

Second, it constricts small blood vessels, thus depriving hair of the nutrients it needs to grow. As if you needed another reason to quit!

6. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good cut

Everyone laughs at Donald Trump and his hideous combover that is fooling exactly zero people.

Yet many men attempt to disguise their baldness by growing their hair extra long and getting tricky with fancy parts.

However, a shorter, classic crop is much more flattering, as it will divert attention from your hair loss and back to your face.

If you still have some hair to work with, ask your stylist about cutting techniques like “slicing” and “brick cutting,” which will give you a textured look and make your hair seem thicker.

7. Include soya in your diet

When your body digests soya, your intestines are prompted to create a molecule that could potentially stop balding. How?

It takes a hormone that promotes hair loss and stops it in its tracks.

Try incorporating some soya in your diet and monitor the results!

Gina Volpe is a writer living in New York City, where she is constantly devising tricks to appear more attractive. Gina gets a lot of her hair tips and tricks from NuHart Hair blog.


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