India records higher voter turnout than 2009


It is believed that nearly 65% of the eligible electors cast their ballot across the 12 states of India after Phase 5 of voting.

India’s election commission hasn’t released official figures of voter turnout yet.

The highest turnout of 81.57% was recorded in four constituencies in West Bengal, which has a total of 39 seats, while the lowest was recorded in Madhya Pradesh at 54%.

While 80.6% had voted in the four seats in West Bengal in the 2009 general elections, the Madhya Pradesh figure stood at 46%.

In the key battleground state of Karnataka, where polling was held in the all the 28 seats, the voting percentage was 66% and in the 11 seats of Uttar Pradesh, electorally the most important state with 80 seats in the Lower House, the turnout was 62.52%, up from 2009’s 54.2%.






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