Indians stranded in Libya while families wait anxiously

As the political crisis worsens in Libya, the fate of over 18,000 Indians stranded there still hang in limbo.

The family members of Indians in Libya are worried for their safe return.  While the Indian government said it trying its best for possible evacuation of the stranded Indians in Libya, the task appears to be very complicated. The telephone lines are not functional in most parts of Libya.

The stranded Indians are desperately trying to seek help.

“The situation is very tense here and very scary,” NDTV, an Indian television quoted one Ajay Gupta, an engineer from Tripoli, who commented through the web.

“We are inside our camp but we’re running out of food and money.

“Outside there is a very tense situation with lots going on. There were protests and when we went out yesterday, we saw very heavily guarded people, in civilian dresses.

“They’re roaming the roads with ammunition… We just want help from the Government of India so that we can be evacuated as soon as possible,” the television channel reported.

Ajay’s wife and two daughters live in India’s northern state of Bhopal. “My younger daughter doesn’t understand much, but my elder daughter was very worried. She cried a lot and her exams are going on…we are looking forward for him to come back by any means and be with us again,” NDTV quoted Ajay’s wife.


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