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Job course launched for international students

International students in New Zealand can now benefit from a programme aimed at assisting them in their search for skilled employment positions.

The Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS) has launched a seven-week employment support programme for international students.

Barbra Estall, an international student, who will be graduating this July with a bachelor’s degree in interpreting, believes that targeted job search skills and NZ workplace knowledge are vital for her career prospects.

student visa new zealand

“The work culture in New Zealand is very different from Tahiti,” says Barbra. “Back home, you can get into full employment without any work experience. Over here, job search knowledge and work experience count much more. As a student, I am not aware of what is required in this country – interview skills, work place communication, CV and cover letter writing – when applying for jobs.”

New Zealand approved 68,980 student visas last year, according to figures released by Immigration New Zealand.  Students who complete at least a two-year New Zealand qualification can apply for a graduate job search visa to help them transit from study to work and then to residency.

“There is a clear gap in employment preparation and support for many international students, wishing to apply their higher learning in skilled employment,” says Dr Mary Dawson, ARMS Chief Executive.

The ARMS Certificate in Employment Search and Work Preparation consists of seven units delivered in three hour sessions. Four of the units are specifically designed to enhance the communication skills of the students as they relate to job searching and employment. There are places still available for the first course, starting Friday May 3rd. The cost is $160 per participant.

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