NZ employers look to new Kiwis to bridge skills gap

As skills shortages increasingly impact on New Zealand businesses, employers are looking for new ways to find great people to meet their needs.


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Many are now looking to newcomers and returning Kiwis who bring the powerful combination of international work experience, qualifications and experience gained from working offshore, say New Zealand Chambers of Commerce.

Recognising demand, the Chambers are promoting the New Kiwis website which connects employers and recruiters to a rich source of new and returning Kiwis to help fill these skills gaps.

New Kiwis is more than just a “skills matching” database which employers can use autonomously, say the Chambers.

New Kiwis is a national employment initiative which is funded by Immigration New Zealand and managed by Auckland Chamber of Commerce in partnership with NZ Chambers of Commerce.

“The employer also has the option of advertising or just searching, access to resources that will assist them in supporting their new recruits understand New Zealand workplace norms and they have access to me, I can help with every step of the way,” New Kiwis Liaison for the Chambers of Commerce Cheng Goh says.

David Litherland, Talent Manager at First Assistance, used the Chamber services to find a Mandarin speaking medical assistance assessor.

“We decided to go to the experts. We cast the recruitment net wide and utilised the New Kiwis database of candidates with the skills we specifically required – hiring two people initially.

“What appealed was that the New Kiwis services help get new migrants work ready from a New Zealand workplace perspective.” says David.

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