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Rahul Gandhi’s interview draws funny reaction

Rahul Gandhi, vice-president of India’s Congress Party, has caused a lot of reaction following his interview to a leading television channel.

According to reports, the Congress had arranged the interview of the possible prime ministerial candidate with NDTV. However, the plans were later changed in favour of another television channel, Times Now, presumably for its higher viewership.

On hindsight, the reaction may have been less satirical if the Congress had stuck with the original plan.

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    V.Shantharam Prabhu
    January 31, 2014 at 5:29 PM

    At last I understood that to face Arnab you need not know any subject. Coin few phrases and use them in rotation irrespective of what question he poses? For example; women empowerment, youth in politics, RTI, system in place, to coin a few

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