Resources for finding study-abroad opportunities

In this increasingly globalized world, there are many reasons for Indians to study abroad. You get the chance to see the world and broaden your experience. You can gain a fresh perspective on your home country. You learn a language in country where it is spoken by the native population. You gain transferable professional skills and improve your marketability. You also get the opportunity to develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

The idea of studying abroad can seem intimidating, especially for Indians without experience of traveling outside of the country. Here are some resources for easing the process of studying abroad and finding study-abroad opportunities:

  • College Study-Abroad Programs – Many colleges and universities offer study-abroad programs, including study-abroad programs through distance learning schools. You can find more information earning a degree here. Some schools have individual study-abroad departments, while others are affiliated with a specific department, such as languages and cultures of Asia or international business. The study-abroad programs at schools can help line students up with study-abroad programs, as well as offer guidance on such things as travel reservations, culture shock, and pre-trip immunizations.
  • The Center for Global Education – The Center for Global Education is an Internet resource for all things about studying abroad. This includes help in finding study-abroad opportunities, descriptions of various types of study-abroad programs, advice on funding your study-abroad experience, location of banks and ATMs, safety and health tips, and cultural information for specific countries. The Center for Global Education also provides links to many other useful study-abroad websites.
  • International – The Intenational Student website is great porthole for those interested in studying abroad. In addition to providing useful information on study-abroad programs, it gives individuals who are interested in studying abroad the chance to interact with each other on blogs or forums.



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