Book: Sex, Religion and Middle East

Investing the energy that humans use for sex into different areas of life will make individuals lead a richer life, says Dovber Halevi, the author of a new book on the Middle East.

In “Sex, Religion, and the Middle East: Exploiting Our Obsession”, Dovber talks about sex and religion in a way that doesn’t condemn or judge readers. Rather, the author aims to help readers channel their sexual energy into a better place.

Dovber Halevi is a columnist for The Middle East magazine and writes for Bresley World. Halevi lives in Israel with his family.

Dovber led a typical bachelor’s life, until he met his wife and decided to use his sexual energy for a good purpose rather than stray from his marriage.

His findings convinced him to enlighten others on how to use the energy otherwise employed for achieving physical pleasure into something more vital, as documented in “Sex, Religion, and the Middle East.”

Throughout the book, the author sprinkles encouragement and information on how to channel rather than suppress sexual energy effectively.

The Middle East is a sensitive region where both religion and sex evoke strong emotions. The book seems to capitalise on those emotions while still claiming to provide a self-help guidance for achieving higher goals in life.

Dovber says “Sex, Religion, and the Middle East” takes a different approach to educating readers on the various issues surrounding the Middle East, primarily the taboo topics of sex and religion.

“It is inspirational and practical and makes the connection between developments in the Middle East, our own personal happiness and the changing attitudes towards sex over the past century,” says Dovber.

“The book approaches these issues in a way that ties everything together.”

Dovber believes readers will enjoy the information provided in his book and will walk away feeling stronger than ever, having consumed his words.

Paperback: 362 pages

Publisher: Malik Daoud Publishing (June 7, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0615599117

ISBN-13: 978-0615599113



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